Since most of us live on a budget let’s talk about ways to save a buck when trying to eat a diet that allows us to feel our best, physically, mentally and emotionally!

There are few easy ways to save, like…

  • Switching brand name items for generic or store brands of staple items like rice, oats, pasta, and canned goods.
  • Letting go of the idea that “organic is best” — while sometimes this is true, it’s not ALWAYS true, and no matter what, a non-organic peach is always going to be better for you than say…a Snickers bar, right?
  • Planning your meals for the week ahead of time and shopping only for what you need rather than just buying what looks good or what’s on sale with the idea that you’ll figure it out later.
  • Shopping local, at places like a farmers market or neighborhood fruit stand for fresh produce.
  • Buying in bulk at your favorite big box wholesale store like…Costco!

Bulk buying can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming and maybe even a little daunting, but it’s a great way to not just save money, but to make sure you have your go-to foods on-hand at all times– especially things like fresh meats, peanut butter, cheese, granola bars and those delicious Premier Protein Shakes!

How I Buy in Bulk

About once a month I make the hour-long trek to Costco to stock up on ground beef, stew meat, chicken, peanut butter (I eat a LOT of peanut butter!) blocks of cheese, granola bars and shakes!

As soon as I get home I take the 5-6lbs packages of fresh meat that I but and divide them into 8oz portions. I put each 8 oz portion into individual quart sized zip top freezer bags and then put them in a bin in my freezer. These are perfect for Brett and I because I don’t have to think about portion sizes when I cook, the portioning is already done! Here’s a stack of ground beef packets…

I do the same with the stew meat, chicken and even bacon!

I also buy large blocks of cheese and cut them in to halves or quarters depending on the size and freeze them too! Just wrap each individual chunk in cling wrap, followed by foil and then put all of them in a gallon sized freezer bag. Don’t forget to label them!

Peanut butter just gets eaten…fast!

Granola bars get placed in various locations these days as they are often times my “OMG I need food right this second” while nursing requirement. I’ve got them stashed in my night stand, on my desk, in the pantry and next to my “nursing chair” in the living room.

Then of course there’s the Premier Protein Shakes! Buying them in cases of 18 saves BIG TIME! Especially right now (8/4-8/18) while they are $5.00 off! That makes them only $1.11 each! Can’t beat that!

BONUS: I’m told the Caramel flavor is available too! I’ll be grabbing some of those when I go this weekend, for sure!

Don’t forget to pick up some bars, too!


I’ve had memberships at all the big wholesale stores (I have 2 right now!) and Costco is by far my favorite for variety and quality. My only complaint is that it’s too far away! If it was closer I’d ditch my “other” membership and be a Costco exclusive but for now, I will have to settle for once a month, shopping wisely and stocking up as best I can!

Do you buy in bulk, if so, what are you tips? How much do you love Costco and Premier?!