Stop wishing, wanting, hoping and dreaming for a happy, healthy lifestyle...

It's time to start taking action!

Let's create a mind-shift!

STEP 1: Learn the Rules

so you can feel your best: physically, mentally, and emotionally

Forgive yourself always

Exercise to feel good

Get plenty of rest

Be patient with yourself

Surround yourself with love

Track your progress

Enjoy your food

Make yourself a priority

Keep your environment clean

Find joy where you are

Always do your best

Go back to rule number one

STEP 2: Practice ATP

to start loving your body from the inside-out

1) Apologize to your body for any negative things you’ve said about it.

2) Thank your body for doing its job of keeping you alive, despite how you sometimes treat it.

3) Promise your body that you will appreciate what it does for you every day, that you will listen to it, love it and nurture it because you realize that without it, you would not be alive.

Recite these three statements to yourself every day for the next 30 days. In the shower, in the car, walking through the parking lot, and lying in bed at night and whenever you find yourself not honoring your body.

STEP 3: Ditch the Weight Loss Wagon for Good

and end the cycle of diet/fail/repeat

Know your short and long-term motivation

Make choices that allow you to feel good now and later

Create realistic guidelines and boundaries for yourself

Change your vocabulary about food and exercise

Never “start over,” just keep moving forward