Stop Eating with Shame! Seriously. Stop it!

And encourage others to do the same!

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that most of the time I eat beautiful, nutritious meals packed with protein, healthy fats and plenty of veggies; the foods that have allowed me to be successful in losing half of my body weight.  

But it’s no secret that I also eat pizza and cheeseburgers and cake and ice cream and (gasp) donuts, too!  I eat ALL of these things, in moderation, as part of living my I’mperfect Life WITHOUT SHAME, and I want you to do the same!

For whatever reason we, mainly women, feel the need to justify our “non-salad” food choices and I’m sick of it.  

I’m tired of going to lunch with friends and having the, “what are you going to get?” conversation.  

I’m so over the discussions that include statements like “I don’t usually eat like this but because (fill in the blank) I’m going to splurge.” Or, “I’m PMSing and I just need some chocolate so I’m going to get dessert.” Or whatever other COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY excuse is made for eating something other than grilled chicken and steamed vegetables.

I used to make these statements too, but I don’t anymore!

no shame campaignStop the Shame!

No one should care about what you’re eating, why you’re eating it or how much you’re eating. It’s none of their business! And what they’re eating is none of your business either, so stop judging, too!

Although we may think that our shame helps us make good choices or that our judgement helps others make better choices, the complete opposite couldn’t be more true.

When we feel ashamed about what we’re eating we tend to…

1) eat in hiding so no one can judge us

2) rebel and eat MORE to prove to ourselves and others that we do what we want

3) perpetuate the cycle of diet/fail/repeat by promising to “start over tomorrow” and spend every tomorrow starting over

Both of these have the exact opposite affect on what we’re trying to accomplish which is to make good, healthy choices even when those choices involve extra calories.

So from now on, if you and I share a meal I will order whatever I feel like eating that day and I will make no excuses, even if it’s chili cheese fries.  If you don’t want to eat chili cheese fries, that’s cool but if you do, dig in!

We’ll eat them and enjoy them together while we discuss politics and the economy, and compare notes on how long the underwire lasts in our bras.  Then as we’re dipping the last two fries in the almost empty ramekin of Ranch Dressing, we’ll remember why we’re friends: because we love and respect each other without judgement…and maybe we’ll even order dessert!

If we opt out of dessert or if we both decide to get salads instead of the fries in the first place, it will be because that’s what we wanted and NOT because we were afraid to order something else out of fear of being judged. Period.

Shame Free!

I have a vision that someday four women will be able to sit around a table covered with dishes full of fresh fruits and veggies, chips and salsa, grilled shrimp, jalapeno poppers and cupcakes.

They will all eat plenty of the fresh fruits, veg and shrimp.  They will graze on the chips and salsa, have a couple of jalapeno poppers and each of them will eat a cupcake, guilt-free with the only conversation being about just how damn good they taste!

Let’s empower each other!  

Let’s stop judging!  


Let’s eat nachos with our friends without discussing how “bad they are for us” or making excuses for wanting them!  

Let’s let go of the guilt and shame that we associate with food and just enjoy living happy, healthy lives!

Are you with me?  Are you ready to put an end to this madness?  Sign your name in the comments section below and then share this post with your friends. Let them know that you will NOT feel guilty, make excuses or try to justify eating whatever you damned well please and that they should do the same!


I (First and Last Name) will:

1) Eat a well balanced diet of whole foods- mostly plants, lots of protein and some good healthy fats MOST of the time

2) Enjoy other stuff some of the time

3) Stop apologizing and making excuses for what I eat

4) Avoid talking about, thinking about, worrying about and obsessing about whether or not what I’m eating needs to be justified by myself or others

5) Quit questioning, scrutinizing or judging other’s food choices and instead lead by example because I’m rocking number one of this pledge

6) Encourage my friends and family to do the same

7) If someone tries to engage me in conversation that questions my food choices, I will tell them about this pledge.

Being a healthy lifestyle blogger, coach and personal trainer, in addition to having lost 164lbs, I am acutely aware that people are watching what I eat.  Whether it’s because they are sitting across the table from me or viewing a picture of food that I’ve posted on Instagram or Facebook, they are curious to know what I eat, how much I eat and why I eat; I gladly share this information because I eat without shame and I want others to know that they can do it too!  More on that, here!

Do you know the Rules for Living an I’mperfect Life? 



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