Spiral Bound 30 Day Journal


The journal  includes:

  • Eating Guidelines
  • Goal Setting
  • Progress Tracking
  • 30 Day Food Diary with Daily Questions to help create a true lifestyle change

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Product Description

Stop the DIET, FAIL, REPEAT cycle for good and start living mindfully!

Create a solid mind-body connection and embrace Real Food, Real Fitness, Real Life!

This journal is a powerful tool that will teach you how to eat better, move more and live your best, happy, healthy, I’mperfect Life!

The 30 Day food/fitness/life journal is based on the methods I use with my one-on-one lifestyle coaching clients. It has proven effective in helping them regain control of their eating habits, exercise routine and find the balance needed to be successful in achieving their weight loss goals.

The new and improved 2nd Edition includes calorie tracking to help you become more mindful of how you’re fueling your body. It’s not about pass or fail. It’s about learning how to tune into your life. Love your body from the inside out by living mindfully.


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