Every year, around this time, to cute little girls start selling delightful treats that we stock up on because…we can only get them ONCE A YEAR!

My favorite are those little round ones with the chocolate, caramel and coconut. You know…the SAMOAS! (Remember when they changed the name to “Caramel Delights” a few years back? Yeah, me too) 

Anyway, I will be buying ONE box of Samoas and I will eat the whole thing by myself (because Brett doesn’t like them) like I do every year because I LOVE them and as part of my real food, real life, I can enjoy them 100%– guilt free with NO SHAME!

However, because I don’t eat them all year long, nor do they offer much in the way of the “good for you stuff” (other than pure DELIGHT!) I came up with this SUPER EASY Samoa replacement recipe that takes less than two minutes to make and tastes (almost) as good. I can’t (and won’t) lie, because let’s be honest, there’s nothing like the REAL THING, but since I haven’t had the real thing in over a year, there’s no side-by-side comparison so the it might as well be the real thing. Plus, this version is pretty damned good!

So here’s how to make these babies…

      1. Grab a piece of parchment or wax paper and place it somewhere convenient, for quick transfer
      2. Break one Premier Chocolate Caramel Fiber Bar into three pieces and place in a microwave safe bowl with 2 tsp of shredded coconut*.
      3. Microwave the bar and coconut for 25 seconds
      4. Remove and stir immediately
      5. Divide into four spoonfuls and place on parchment/wax paper
      6. Smoosh and shape into flat circles
      7. Use the back end of a wooden spoon to create wholes in the middle
      8. Let cool at least one minute
      9. Enjoy!

 *I used sweetened– I think toasted would be even better, but I couldn’t find any

Here are the stats in the bar: 

190 Cals, 6 Fat, 26 Carb, 7 Fiber, 15 Protein

Add the 2 tsp of sweetened coconut and you’ve got the following totals:

213 Cals, 7 Fat, 29 Carb, 8 Fiber, 15 Protein