I sold my old bike today.  It was a bit emotional as it was my first investment in my weight loss journey.  I bought it in 2010 more than a year before my gastric bypass surgery and though I didn’t ride it as much as I had planned when I bought it, it still symbolized my desire to change and a first big step in accomplishing that.


As I’m planning to do a triathlon sprint this fall I realized that I was going to have to upgrade to a bike with better capabilities for speed and hills.  I did some shopping around and finally found the bike I wanted but it was a  little expensive so I decided if I wanted to move forward I was going to have to sell the bike that was near and dear to my heart.  When I first posted it on craigslist I felt sad, like I was getting rid of a pet or saying goodbye to an old friend. But today, as I drove away from my bike having sold it to a nice girl who will put it to good use, I reminded myself that I was one step closer to my goal.  I sold my bike and will soon have a new, improved, triathlon-capable bicycle…and I can’t wait!  I still have a couple (hundred) dollars to save before making my new purchase but as soon as I win the body-fat challenge at my gym that bike will be mine…ALL mine!

To celebrate I stopped by Marshall’s on my way home to pick up a new pair of weightlifting gloves…when I came across lots of other goodies that  are (totally) necessary for the other part of my triathlon training…running gear!

(I also got two new pairs of weight lifting gloves for my first love, Crossfit!)

I start Couch to 5k training on Tuesday with a local running group and I couldn’t be more excited!  I WILL run!  For real.  No more runnishing for me!  Sometime between now and 10 weeks from now I will run like a real runner…or at least close enough.

After that…SWIMMING! Which will, of course, require another new wardrobe and accessories, like a good pair of goggles!  I thought that when I lost weight I’d want to buy new, cute clothes. As it turns out, the more weight I lose the more I’d rather shop for fitness gear than a new pair of jeans.  Who’d a thought?!

Bring it, Triathlon!  BRING. IT!