Empowering women to love themselves more, care for their bodies better, and create sustainable habits that support their ideal happy, healthy I'mperfect Life.

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Inspiring Keynote Speaker: Self Love, Self Care, Body Image and Sustainable Healthy Habits

From 328 pounds, to triathlete, to becoming a mom of 2 boys (in her 40’s), to being diagnosed with a genetic fat disorder that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise, Andrea knows a thing or two about food, fitness, body image, and overcoming life’s non-stop challenges.

Her superpower is letting women know that they are not alone in their shame, fear, and negative self-talk that keeps them feeling like a failure. Through her vulnerability, wisdom and insight, Andrea empowers women to find love, peace, and joy in food, fitness, their bodies and their lives, no matter what size they wear, what shape they’re in, or their season of life.

Most laugh, some cry, all are transformed.

Andrea's authentic personality and real-world experiences made her an audience favorite. Her presentation is thoughtful, well-organized and offers tangible solutions for anyone’s situation. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.” 

Crystal Emerick, BraveStep.org

"Andrea's take on body positivity and body image was unique and really made me think. She’s engaging and thought-provoking. Great speaker!

Elena Joy Thurston, Pride and Joy Foundation