Meet Andrea

My Story

In short, I have lost 164lbs since December 2011 and completely changed my lifestyle all while learning what it means to live an I’mperfect Life.

But wait, there’s more! Much, much more!

In the Past

My weekends were once spent watching movie marathons while eating chips and cookies.  I hated exercise, even walking.

My life was uncomfortable.  I talked about what I wanted to do “when I lose weight” for years.

The list was LONG:  Ride roller coasters, whitewater rafting, zip lines, ropes courses, surfing, kayaking, triathlons, obstacle course races and travel the world.

But I was trapped in a body that did not allow me to do any of those things.

I had spent years failing to follow through on every diet imaginable because I thought that I had to be perfect in order to succeed and every time I “messed up” (one phrase that is no longer in my weight loss vocabulary)

I Felt like a Failure

I would give up, falling deeper and deeper into my unhealthy life.

I battled the effects of PCOS for almost 20 years. Dealing with infertility, facial hair, RIDICULOUS periods and feeling like I was not in control of my own body.  READ MORE

I Felt Hopeless and Helpless

Doctors recommended weight loss surgery for years but I was apprehensive. However, when two of my friends had gastric bypass surgery in 2010,  I saw the life-changing results I thought, maybe just maybe it might be a good choice for me.

I did some research, and hemmed and hawed, then one day I just decided I was done; it was time to stop wishing and hoping and feeling like a failure– it was time to DO something.

I signed up for the informational meeting at Carolinas Weight Loss Management and six months later, after going through all of the required steps, had gastric bypass surgery.

I Finally Felt Hopeful

For the first time in my life I finally felt like I MIGHT be successful and while I credit weight loss surgery for that, as well as jump start to get the scale moving in the right direction, what it ultimately did for me was buy me some time to figure out how to LIVE a real, happy, healthy lifestyle…forever. READ MORE

My Body Evolution

I reached my lowest adult weight in November, 2013 at 164lbs which meant I lost HALF of my entire body weight. READ MORE

In April 2014 I was sitting at a comfortable 169lbs and was in the best shape of my life, despite the lose fat and skin. I was wearing a size 10 in jeans and a small/medium in shirts– I had done neither since I was 13 years old! READ MORE

Since then I have been pregnant twice with one successful pregnancy which resulted in a beautiful baby boy in April 2016. As with most pregnancies, I gained a bit of weight, 50lbs to be exact, but only 30 of that remained after the first couple weeks post delivery.

My Lifestyle Evolution

Although I had weight loss surgery, I am cured of being fat. I can still eat a whole pizza, lots of ice cream, plenty of donuts and my love for Taco Bell will likely never wane. However, I have learned to live with those foods as (a small) part of my happy, healthy lifestyle.

As of October 2016

I’m a currently working to slowly lose the pregnancy weight by reestablishing my pre-pregnancy habits in addition to creating new ones that fit my new life as a mom.

You Should Also Know…

I have met all but one of my of my healthy lifestyle goals, including ones I didn’t originally have.

I have ridden roller coasters; gone whitewater rafting, zip lining; ropes coursing, surfing, kayaking and have completed over 30 races including a few triathlons, multiple obstacle course races and some road and trail running races.

The only thing I haven’t done yet is travel the world– but that will happen, eventually!

Of course I also has a baby! Which is most definitely something I was convinced wouldn’t happen.

Oh and I am now a certified personal trainer and an avid CrossFitter! Neither of those were ever on my radar.

Although the scale and my body have changed significantly, what has changed the most is my mind.  I still LOVE food but I have learned to love it in moderation– focusing on fueling my body for my active life without sacrificing flavor while enjoying splurge meals without feeling like a failure.

I have finally grasped what it means to make a healthy LIFESTYLE change.

It turns out it’s not about being on a diet for the rest of my life, it’s about LIVING my life in a healthy way. And mostly realizing that not being perfect does not mean I am failing hence the name “I’mperfect Life!”


I’ve moved 19 times in my adult life between four different states and I’m itching to move again.

I’ve been married and divorced …and married again. I have been a foster mom and am now a mom-mom.

I’ve been a professional photographer, actress, administrative assistant, an ad executive, a preschool teacher, a private nanny, a software sales executive, and most recently, a small business owner…welcome to I’mperfect Life, LLC!

I’ve been a Catholic, a Born Again Christian, “spiritual but not religious” agnostic and atheist.

These days I consider myself a Happy Secular Humanist focuses on living a life that promotes physical, mental, and emotional health and happiness in myself and others. I am accepting and appreciative of all religions, cultures, genders, and sexual orientation without discrimination because diversity is what makes us special.


I’ve spent countless hours of my life that I will never get back trying to find my keys, my glasses and my phone.  I have had an unreasonable number of jobs trying to find the right fit, never quite feeling fulfilled.  When there is a water shortage it will most likely be because I have rewashed too many loads of laundry that sat in the washer for so long that they got mildewy.

I’m late for EVERYTHING!  This is not an exaggeration.   Just ask my any one of my friends or family members.


My house, my car, my office and my yard are always in need of some serious attention. I make bad decisions. My teeth are crooked, my ass is large.  And as much as I’d like think I am a big picture kind of girl, I’m not.  I get stuck on the details, details which are rarely of much importance.

Having a linear conversation with me is like herding cats, my husband will tell you all about it.


I love trying new things. I’m honest…always.  I’m forgiving. I’m well rounded.

I’m curious. I’m interesting. I’m hilarious. I’m a team player. I’m a leader. I’m a nurturer and a problem solver. I’m creative and talented. I never meet a stranger. I’m super easy-going. I have a magnetic personality. I’m a free spirit. I make many good decisions. I’m good in crisis situations.  I’m a great friend and a Toltec warrior. (Go read the Four Agreements right now if you don’t know what that is!)

I am an I’mperfect actress, singer, photographer, writer and adventurer.  I love food and all things food related. I’m married to a wonderful, patient man who loves me just the way I am.  My life is a constant work in progress; most recently learning to live my new post-op, gastric bypass lifestyle; finding ways to be happier, healthier and more full-filled in the one and only I’mperfect life I’ve got!

It’s no secret that I’m a mess.  I have it far-less together than a 30 something career-woman, wife, homeowner and mother to four furry kids should.  But I’m learning to accept my weaknesses and embrace my strengths; finding balance and realizing that I’m okay just the way I am.

I hope you will join in embracing your I’mperfect life and learn to love your I’mperfect You!

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