4th Annual I’mperfect Life Making Progress Challenge

Because living a happy, healthy I’mperfect Life is more than before and after…



1 2017 Custom Finishers Medal

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Access to the private 2017 Challenger’s Facebook Group for support and motivation

Undeniable proof that you are living your best, happiest, healthiest, I’mperfect Life, which of course makes you AWESOME!


Set 10 food, fitness and/or lifestyle goals for yourself that will challenge you to be faster, stronger, better, healthier and ultimately HAPPIER than you were before! *** 

Complete each challenge that you create for yourself.

Share your achievements via the I’mperfect Life Facebook Fan Page

As you complete each one, post on the  I’mperfect Life Facebook Page. (if you don’t have Facebook, you may email your achievements if you prefer)

Once you have completed your 10 challenges, I will send you your custom I’mperfect Life medal!

2017 will be your best year EVER!

***You do not need to create your list of goals at the time of registration.


$22.95  (International shipping available- applied at checkout)

Your finisher’s medal will be mailed to you once you have completed your 10 challenges but not prior to December 1st 2017.

If you have completed races or met personal goals already this year, those count!


  • Practice positive self-talk once a day
  • Complete at least one healthy eating challenge like trade soda for water for 30 days
  • Challenge yourself to eat at least two plants per meal and one at each snack for 60 days
  • Walk 30 miles in one month
  • Journal your feelings daily
  • Plan an ongoing physical activity with friends/family to encourage others to get moving with you
  • Participate in a 30 days of Gratitude Challenge
  • Set a money savings goal and follow through
  • Quit smoking/vaping
  • PR your 5K/10K or marathon time
  • PR a compound lift, or named WOD (for all you CrossFitters out there!)
  • Do something outside your comfort zone
  • Cultivate a new, meaningful friendship
  • Volunteer with an organization that you believe in
  • Commit to 8 hours of sleep per night for two weeks
  • Sign up for ALL OF THE RACES and complete each and every one!
  • Eliminate sugar from your diet for 1 week, 10 days, 30 days…or however many days you set as a personal goal
  • Commit to avoiding the drive-thru for one month by packing lunch and keeping healthy snacks in your car
  • Let go of something that is creating unnecessary stress in your life
  • Try something new like a dance class, gymnastics or surfing
  • Lose 10% of your body weight, or achieve a pre-determined weight-loss goal
  • Implement daily meditation or quiet time for yourself
  • Attend a seminar, conference, or other event to educate, inspire and motivate REAL FOOD. REAL FITNESS. REAL LIFE.
  • Share this post to inspire others to join too! (that one doesn’t really count though, it’s more of a bonus!;-) )