Is this a weight loss program?

Yes and No.

I’m not going to tell you what to eat or how much to eat or when to eat. You’ve tried that. Doing that always leads to the vicious cycle of diet-fail-repeat.  Instead I’m going to empower you with knowledge, insight, and support you need in order to make the best choices for you.

While I believe that our size and weight matter when it comes to the quality of our lives, when we focus too much on weight loss, we lose sight of the end goal– to be happy and healthy: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

When participants implement the principles of living an I’mperfect Life, weight loss typically occurs as a result of happier, healthier habits.

You will never see “before and after” photos associated with my products or services because being happy and healthy is far more than a number on the scale or size of your jeans. My goal is to help you love yourself more,  care for your body better, and live an active lifestyle full of peace and joy.


Results are not guaranteed. You are the only person responsible for yourself, your body and your goals. I will provide you with the tools and the group will provide you with unending love and support, but it’s up to you to use the resources and do the work.

The content in the EVOLve program is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

When are the live events how to they work?

There are two live coaching calls per month. One at 7pm Eastern and one at 8:30pm Eastern- days vary.

There is also one social hour where we just hang out and connect with each other on a more personal level in order create deeper, more meaningful relationships.

There is one live workshop every month- typically on a Saturday morning at 11AM Eastern. Topic varies from month to month.

Live events are hosted on the ZOOM platform. You can join via video from any web enabled device or you can call-in using the dedicated phone number.

You may attend as many as you want.

What will be required of me?

Nothing. There is no pass or fail. But I encourage you to take advantage of as many of the features as you can.

I never want you to feel obligated to do it all, or like you’re not doing enough.

Pick something to work on each month. Maybe you watch a couple videos, attend one live event, and comment on one post each week. Maybe you binge watch all of the videos and just lurk in the group. Maybe you just wanna hang out and get support.

All it takes is one little nugget of information or inspiration to start a chain reaction, so even if you’re not one to post or comment in the group, keep yourself open to what’s going on. Chances are you’ll read something someone else shares and will find exactly what you need.

This is your transformation. Everyone learns and grows differently. I try to offer options that meet the needs of different people’s style.

Have a suggestion? Let me know! I’m always open to new ideas!

How do I join the community?

You should receive an email invitation to join the private community immediately after registering. The invitation will be sent to the email address you used when you registered.  If you do not receive your invitation within 24 business hours (M-F 9a-5p Eastern Time) please email us at:

How do I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership at any time but in order to avoid being charged an additional month you must cancel prior to your next billing cycle.

What about the money back guarantee?

In order to receive your 14 day money back guarantee you must email me within the first 14 days of your membership. Refunds will not be issued after 14 days.


Although “side effects” are not expected, Andrea Matthes and I’mperfect Life, LLC shall not be held responsible for negative “side effects” (physically, mentally, or emotionally) of any participant’s experience in the EVOLve. It is the participant’s responsibility to avoid or remove themselves from any conversation, topic, or post, that is too sensitive or promotes thoughts or feelings that may be harmful to the participant or others.

Right to refuse services:

Andrea Matthes and I’mperfect Life, LLC reserve the right to cancel any member’s access to all benefits of EVOLve, including the private Facebook Group, without warning if the member is found to be disrespectful, insulting, unsupportive, or uses the group or its members to sell products or services without express written consent from Andrea Matthes.