But it's not too late to start living your best, happy, healthy, I'mperfect Life!

The Annual I’mperfect Life Happy, Healthy Holiday Challenge, back by popular demand, is designed you help you maintain your weight and your sanity throughout the holiday season.

The holidays are a great opportunity to practice weight maintenance (necessary for life-long weight loss success) so let’s do it together!

Find all the details below and then join us for another year of letting go of perfection to feel your best– physically, mentally, and emotionally, all season long with free resources, accountability and support!


Step 1:  

Sign up for the free challenge by clicking JOIN NOW

Step 2: 

You’ll receive a confirmation with a link to get your free download materials. You MUST click CONFIRM to officially join the challenge. 

Step 3:

Join the group (link provided after email confirmation) then get ready for the first weigh-in on Sunday 11/20

Step 4: 

Track your weight throughout the duration of the challenge using your personal (and private) weight tracker

Step 5:

Maintain your weight, be happy and healthy, enjoy the holiday season, stress-free with love and support from others who “get it!”

Unlike most health/weight oriented challenges THIS CHALLENGE IS NOT ABOUT LOSING weight this holiday season, it’s about maintaining your weight– the most important skill to learn for lifelong success. So THROW OUT THE STRESS OF TRYING TO LOSE weight this season and join us in practicing maintenance!

What's Included

The IpL Guide to Surviving the Holidays E-book

Weekly emails with helpful tips to get you through the holidays feeling your best!

The opportunity to chat with me online during weekly open-office hours (hours will vary throughout the six week challenge to meet the needs of various schedules and will be announced at the beginning of each week)

Downloadable Weight Tracker

Exclusive Offers from IPL and a chance to WIN the IPL Prize Pack! $500.00+ value

Access to the most loving, supportive, encouraging, judgement free zone on the internet: The private I'mperfect Life Facebook Group!