The Surgeries


  • Hydrate well before and after surgery.
  • Move as much as possible after surgery.
  • Make sure you schedule your post-op MLD appointments before your surgery.
  • Order extra compression as soon as you know what size you need.
  • Keep your aesthetic expectations low to avoid disappointment post op.
  • Know that if you are overweight or struggle with obesity, these surgeries will not make you skinny. However, if your mobility is currently limited, these surgeries will aid in making you more mobile so you’ll be able to move more and improve your quality of life which may result in weight loss.
  • Put some lavender on your mask before surgery—not too much.
  • Make arrangement to have your stitches removed after surgery. (I removed some myself and had my neighbor who is a nurse remove the ones I couldn’t reach.)
  • Make sure your compression is never bunched or wrinkled.

The process day of surgery with Dr. Byrd

Dr. Byrd’s office mails the prescriptions for the antibiotics, antiemetic, and anti-itch medications to be filled before you leave your home state. She also provides a prescription for Tylenol with codeine to be filled after you’re in the state of GA.

I was instructed to start the antibiotic the night before surgery and the others are prescribed “as needed.”

When I arrived at the office for every appointment I called the front desk from the parking lot. (Covid protocol) One of the nurses came out to check my temperature and do a quick Covid antibody blood test. After being cleared, I was taken inside, handed my post op instructions with my follow up appointment information (always scheduled for the next day) and some supplements to take to help reduce swelling.

Next I was taken to the pre-op room where I changed out of my clothes and into the surgical underwear and gown. The nurse took my vitals and gave me an Ativan. Then she weighed me and had me rest on the “bed” to let the Ativan kick in and relax before surgery.

When Dr. Byrd was ready for me, I went down the hall to the photo room where she took pre-surgery pictures. Then I walked into the operating room, got on the table and things got started. A shot for nausea and an IV for the sedative, which is pushed on an as needed basis throughout the surgery.

All of Dr. Byrd’s staff is very kind and did their best to make me feel as comfortable as possible.

I highly recommend Dr. Marcia Byrd for Lipedema Surgery.



I hope you find the information in this series of posts helpful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

<3 Andrea

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