I took Sean Flanagan’s advice this morning and did a 10min warm up even though I wasn’t feeling like I had the time, focus or energy for a workout today.

His advice is to commit to a 10 minute warm up on days when you don’t feel like you have it in you to get in a full workout. He says that chances are, at the end of those 10 minutes you’ll want to keep going and won’t have just given into an urge to avoid a workout.  He goes on to say that if at the end of those 10 minutes you’re still not feeling it…take a rest day, at least you got in 10 minutes.

Today was one of those days. My morning did not go as planned. I missed my normal 9:15 Crossfit class but I got dressed and went to the gym with the idea that I would still do the WOD (workout of the day).

I got there, went for a 1/2 mile run outside, went back in, stretched a bit and tried to prepare mentally to get my workout on but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t get there so instead of forcing myself to stay and be miserable and stress myself out thinking about all of the things that I needed to get done before noon today, I packed up my things and left.  I didn’t feel bad about it at the time and I’m not going to feel guilty about it tonight or tomorrow.  In fact, I’m just going to be proud of myself for attempting to make the effort when I could have just as easily not even tried at all.

Some days are like that and it’s okay.

I know there are lot of people out there who believe that a half-assed workout is better than no workout, but I disagree.  If I’m not focused on what I’m doing; if my mind is wandering, if my body is tired, if the endorphins don’t kick in within the first 10 minutes, it’s usually best for me to call it quits.

Injuries happen when we aren’t focused on form and our surroundings.  Pushing through a workout that I’m not actually present for is risky so I listen to my brain and my body.

A missed workout here and there is not the end of the world.  I find that it’s better to allow my mind and body to get what they need so I can go back feeling refreshed and ready to go tomorrow.

Everyone need rest days- at least one a week, sometimes more. If I miss a day at the gym because life gets in the way, no biggie!  The key is to not let that that become my life, I just forgive myself and move on.

So like Sean says, if you don’t FEEL like working out today, give yourself 10 minutes then decide.  You’ll most likely end up staying and finishing your workout, feeling great after it’s over.  But if you’re having a day like I had today don’t feel bad about leaving.  Go take care of the things that are preventing you from being able to focus on your workout today and get back at it tomorrow!

As long as you don’t let the rest days outnumber the training days you’ll be fine and feel better for it!

It’s the trend that matters.