I’m such a dork.  The last few nights I’ve been having these ridiculous dreams about getting my new bike and finding a tri-suit for my upcoming (more like eventual) triathlon.  They’re not really BAD dreams, just stressful ones where I spend my time searching high and low for one or the other and they’re reoccurring over and over again every fricken night!

Basically they go like this:

Tri-suit…I’m in a store, a store that I KNOW (in my dream) sells tri-suits; places like JC Penny and Cato and other department-type stores that in real-life do not actually sell such things.  I’m in there, looking around for the department where they should be and I can’t find them.  I always have a very limited amount of time in these dreams with some sort of impending doom.  I never know what that doom is but it lurks in the background like a stalker waiting to find me alone.  I ask the clerks for help, sometimes they know what I’m talking about and sometimes they don’t.  These dreams seem to go on FOREVER and no matter what I do I always leave empty handed.  Sometimes I’ll actually see the one I’m looking for but for whatever reason I can’t get to it.  It’s either hanging on a rack that I can reach or I keep getting distracted by other things or…ugh…I don’t know!  But it’s SUPER frustrating.

As for the bike dreams, which usually come just before I wake up in the morning, they are very similar.  Saturday night’s bike-dream was me climbing around in a weird wooden shed-type-thing.  It was about 10 feet wide, 6 feet tall and like a million feet long.  I kept searching and searching, climbing over crap that was in the way.  When I finally found it I couldn’t get it out to save my life!  The door was too small!  I was like, “what the crap?!  Really?!”  Then I woke up.

Fascinating, right?  HA!

These dreams are not all that difficult to analyze but that doesn’t make them any less annoying.  So today, I stopped by the bike store where my brand new bike is sitting with a tag on it that says, “Sold – Andrea Matthes.”  I mean, I know that it hasn’t gone anywhere.  I’ve been by three times to add more money since I put down the initial deposit four weeks ago but I still owe $205.00.  Ugh, I’m so close! Anyway, I went in to put my mind at ease in hopes that it will make the dreams subside…I guess we’ll see tonight!

Do you want t a sneak peak?  Yeah, I thought so…


God, I love that thing!

I also went ahead and just got a new pair of bike shorts to wear over my one piece sport suit for swimming today.  I’m hoping they will be there by Wednesday so I can start swimming on THURSDAY!

I’m hoping to get a good night’s sleep tonight with stress-free dreams.  HOPING!

Aren’t you glad you just spend three minutes of your time reading all about this?  Sorry.  I hope we all sleep good tonight!

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