Guess who lost 15lbs in the last six weeks?  YES!  Me!  What’s amazing is that, that wasn’t enough to win the challenge.  Can you believe that?!  Actually I lost that same about of weight and the girl who did win…but I weighed 50lbs more than her when we started so…percentage-wise she kicked my butt!

I can’t say I’m not disappointed.  I am.  But I’m also extremely proud of myself for making the commitment and sticking to it.  I stayed focused and didn’t give up even when it looked like it wasn’t working. Instead of giving in I tried something new.  So really, I am a true winner in all of this. (mmm…cheese!)  Yes, I was looking forward to taking home the $600.00 prize so I could buy my bike (which my husband ended up getting me for Valentine’s Day) and a ski trip to celebrate getting under 200lbs…but oh well!

I’ve got my bike, I’ve lost 15lbs including a QUARTER POUND of FAT just last week and I feel more and more motivated to keep going!  These past six weeks have been really life-changing for me in so many ways.  Not just because of the challenge but also because in the past six weeks I have made several new, amazing friends, created a network of insanely supportive people, started working on my personal training certification, and have proven to myself that my life is pretty fricken awesome.

UPDATE:  Just ran some calculations…Turns out I lost 7.21%.  That is quite a feat for SIX WEEKS!

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