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Letting go of perfection to live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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I’m Andrea Matthes, writer, certified personal trainer and creator of I’mperfect Life. I’mperfect Life is my philosophy for living a happy, healthy lifestyle that starts with letting go of perfection and embracing real food, real fitness, and real life.

After years of being stuck in the cycle of diet/fail/repeat, constantly at war with my body, feeling hopeless and helpless, and finally reaching a weight of over 325lbs, I realized the only way to live a truly happy, healthy lifestyle wasn’t about perfectly executing a diet and exercise routine; instead the key was to let go of perfection and focus on feeling good: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It started with forgiveness. Forgiving myself for perceived failures. Forgiving myself for what felt like years of a wasted life. Forgiveness of the past, present, and future knowing that my best was good enough, and that my best would change.

I realized that life isn’t about pass or fail, that it’s an evolution that requires us to constantly adapt to what it throws at us.

I will never have a body that others envy, and I’m okay with that. But I will do my best to have a body that allows me to live the life I want to live without restriction due to things I can control.

In 2012 I awoke from a hell full of guilt, remorse and shame.

Today I live a full life, that started with forgiveness and resulted in pure joy

I hope you’ll join me and thousands of others so we can all live our best, happy, healthy, I’mperfect Life, together!

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I Love My Ugly Body

The post that changed hundreds of thousands of lives

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I'mperfect Life Blog

Letting go of perfection to live a healthy, happy lifestyle

My Weight (and size) Matters

As a “body positive” advocate and role model for thousands of women, (10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body) sometimes I get flack for saying that my weight (and size) matters. It’s like...

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ATP- Love Your Body from the Inside-Out

I spent so many years fighting myself and my body, believing perfection was the only way to a happy, healthy life. Boy was I wrong! If you read my 10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body post, then you know...

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The Thoughtful Jar

When was the last time you stopped and asked yourself these four questions? What brings you joy and love? What is causing me stress? What am I thankful for? What am I proud of? These days it’s...

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Stop Falling Off the Weight Loss Wagon

Stop Falling off the Weight Loss Wagon for Good A term I hear a lot in the weight loss/diet/fitness/healthy lifestyle world is “I fell off the wagon and can’t seem to get back...

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Do These Four Things to Get Motivated for Good

Do you find it impossible to “get motivated?” You’re not alone! Let me show you how to get motivated for good! First let’s look at the definition of “motivation.”...

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I Dare You

A few weeks ago an I’mperfect Lifer shared with me that she always wears a cardigan over her tank tops, even in the middle of summer because, as she put it, “we live in an opinionated...

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It’s Not Starting Over, It’s Moving Forward

Last week was my first week back in the box  (gym) after being out for three weeks. And that was after only being back for 1.5 weeks after being gone for two months…after quitting…after...

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No, really…stop! One of the most common questions I get is, “What kind of exercise is best if I want to lose weight?”  (AKA get skinny) Well here it is… NONE “WHAT?!  Andrea!  You...

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10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body

Andrea Matthes, CPT-CFL1, Lifestyle Coach Letting go of perfection to live a happy,...

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Stop Saying This

I wrote a post on Facebook the other day that said, “Nine word you will never hear me say: If I can do it, you can do it!”  I didn’t elaborate on it much, I just made the statement...

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Stop Eating With Shame

Stop Eating with Shame! Seriously. Stop it! And encourage others to do the same! If you’ve been following me for a while you know that most of the time I eat beautiful, nutritious meals packed...

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Willpower is Bullshit

“I just ate my willpower” Ever seen that saying?  Like in a framed piece of “art”, on a t-shirt or a bumper sticker? Yeah, me too!    Willpower Definition:...

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