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Letting go of perfection to live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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I’m Andrea Matthes, writer, certified personal trainer and creator of I’mperfect Life. I’mperfect Life is my philosophy for living a happy, healthy lifestyle that starts with letting go of perfection and embracing real food, real fitness, and real life.

After years of being stuck in the cycle of diet/fail/repeat, constantly at war with my body, feeling hopeless and helpless, and finally reaching a weight of over 325lbs, I realized the only way to live a truly happy, healthy lifestyle wasn’t about perfectly executing a diet and exercise routine; instead the key was to let go of perfection and focus on feeling good: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It started with forgiveness. Forgiving myself for perceived failures. Forgiving myself for what felt like years of a wasted life. Forgiveness of the past, present, and future knowing that my best was good enough, and that my best would change.

I realized that life isn’t about pass or fail, that it’s an evolution that requires us to constantly adapt to what it throws at us.

I will never have a body that others envy, and I’m okay with that. But I will do my best to have a body that allows me to live the life I want to live without restriction due to things I can control.

In 2012 I awoke from a hell full of guilt, remorse and shame.

Today I live a full life, that started with forgiveness and resulted in pure joy

I hope you’ll join me and thousands of others so we can all live our best, happy, healthy, I’mperfect Life, together!

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Letting go of perfection to live a healthy, happy lifestyle

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