I’ve never participated in a body fat challenge but I’m about to.  My gym is coordinating one and I’ve decided to join.  What do I have to lose, right?  Okay…$25.00 (that’s the buy-in)  but, eh…I could also win way more than that if I win the pot and even if I don’t my body still wins just for doing it!  Yay me!

I’ve (only recently) figured out that the best way for me to succeed at anything is to have a plan so this is my plan for the first seven days:

Breakfast- Banana and Almond Butter

Snack- Gladiator Protein Shake

Lunch- Tuna Salad on Celery or Turkey Cucumber “sandwich”

Snack- Banana and Almond Butter- pre-workout.

Dinner- Mon: Lean Pot Roast and Mashed Cauliflower; Tue: Mexican Chicken Taco Salad (no chips, cheese, or sour cream); Wed: Chicken Makhani; Thur: Greek Chicken Salad; Fri: Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps Sat: Zucchini Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Sun: Chicken and Veg Sir Fry


This first week is going to be rough since I will be out of my normal routine.  Instead of going to the gym in the morning I will be going in the evening with my husband.  I feel confident that I can do this as long as I STICK TO MY PLAN!

The challenge is six weeks but the detox only lasts 10 days.  After that I can add back “other” foods.

I’ve totally got this!