A feat I thought would never happen has happened!  I have lost 100, that’s ONE HUNDRED pound!  That’s insane, isn’t it?  I mean, it’s insane that I had 100 pounds to lose, even more, insane is that it’s actually happened!  Though, I guess what’s most insane is that I still have about 60 to go, which will you know, make my total loss 160lbs.


First of all, before I go any further I want anyone out there who has more than 160lbs to lose to know that I understand what it’s like to read someone else post about how they’ve lost SO much weight, and can’t believe they’ve lost it and you’re just thinking, “yeah, try needing to lose 200lbs or 300lbs or more.”  I’ve been that person.  While I was always happy about their accomplishments, reading about someone losing 50lbs was like, “ha!  that’s a drop in the bucket!  I’ve got almost TWO HUNDRED pounds to lose!  Talk to me when you’re in my boat!”

I’d like to say it’s all relative (I’m all about some relativity) and I guess in some ways it is but…no, it’s really not. Not when we’re all supposed to weigh about the same depending on our height, 200lbs is way different than 30, 40, or even 50lbs.  It’s 400% more weight to lose!  FOUR HUNDRED PERCENT!  (I think that’s the right math anyway, no?)  Losing 100lbs, hell even the first 50, was no easy task.  So if you’ve got 200lbs to lose, try not to feel like it’s impossible.  It IS possible, it’s just hard work!

Okay, so…I’m down 100lbs and if you read my previous post, you know that my life as changed significantly.  Well, sorta.  I mean, I still live in the same house, I’m still married to the same man, I still have the same job, same friends same car, same stuff.  But I do have a new body that is allowing me to DO so many new things!  Tomorrow I am going to the National Whitewater Center to celebrate this accomplishment by white water rafting, kayaking, zip lining, ropes coursing, hiking, biking, etc.  I can’t tell you how excited I am!  Though I will say that I’m slightly nervous that the harness will not fit around my fat thighs.  Even though I meet the weight restrictions, I’m still short and 227lbs on a 6 foot tall person looks much different than it does on someone like me who is only 5’1″

We’ll see I guess.

I’ve started training for the Spartan Race which is March 23, 2013- that’s in SIX months!  Today, I ran/walked 1.69 miles with hills that according to fitty bitty (fitbit) totaled 15 flights of stairs.  Not bad, not bad at all!