You know, I thought I’d have more of life figured out by the time I was in my 40s. Turns out, as with a LOT of things (much to my dismay) I was WRONG.

There’s too much to share in one blog post but I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s going on and what’s in store.

These last few years have been a HUGE struggle for me especially when it came to learning how to be a mom and a small business owner…and still be me.

I’ve been so focused on the first two challenges that I didn’t even realized that I’d lost sight of who I am, what I want, and where I’m going.

The crazy part is that, after some recent reflection, I realized I lost who I was, and what I was doing, even before I became a mom!

Dude! That was a punch in the gut I wasn’t expecting! It’s no wonder I feel so completely lost these days. I’m not unhappy, just lost…kind of floundering, or floating. And sometimes lying on the ground flailing and flopping around. It’s certainly not attractive. HA!

As I go through this growth spurt, my goal is to get back to writing. I miss writing. Just writing and sharing ALL of the things about my happy, healthy I’mperfect Life. When I look back at the last time I was truly flourishing, it was when I was being ME, and not a version of me I thought I was supposed to be. Imagine that. Duh. A whole blog post is coming on that topic, for sure!

I’ll also be letting go of a lot of the “business stuff” rather than trying to force it like I have been lately. No matter how confident I am in my coaching skills, and my ability to educate others, I just feel icky selling stuff. It makes me shut down and feel like everything is contrived. No matter how genuine or authentic I am.

That being said, I am still coaching, because I love doing it (and because I’m good at it!) but I’m also planning to bring retreats back next year. I’ve missed the I’mperfect Life retreats so much, and I can’t wait to make them happen again! My heart lies in connecting with other women, personally. <3

In other news..

I got a diagnosis of stage 1-2 Lipedema last week.

It wasn’t a surprise. It’s something that I’ve known about for about 5 years but hadn’t been able to find a doctor who even knew what it was…is.

Having an official diagnosis a little scary, but also empowering. I mentioned it it briefly on Facebook and Instagram last week but plan to do a better job of telling you about it in a WRITTEN blog post, and maybe a video. Because…you know…I’m a writer…and I LOVE the camera!

Whether you’ve been with me since the 2012 inception of I’mperfect Life, or if you just found my blog yesterday…thank you! Thank you for allowing me to come into your mailbox and share my world with you.

I have no doubt that lots of (organic) changes are coming and I can’t wait to see what they are! I hope you’ll stick with me for the ride!

<3 Andrea

PS: My boys started preschool, 4 hours a day, two days per week TODAY! That’s EIGHT hours per week when I get to think about and do whatever I want! Wahoooooo!