I learned two new terms a couple of weeks ago: “Turtle” and “Hamburger”


Apparently, these are code names for penis and vagina…or boy/girl in ultrasound tech world. Two of my friends from opposite end of the country both had US techs tell them the sex of their babies using these terms. It is about the weirdest thing I have ever heard.  Since we didn’t learn the sex of our baby during an ultra sound, I didn’t get to hear either of these terms and I’m okay with that! SO. WEIRD!

Instead we got a call from the genetic counselor with the results from blood work that was done at my most recent old lady appointment. You can read about that HERE. And during that call she asked us if we wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl.

Yes, yes, we do. And then she told us, using words that did not involve reptiles or food.

It took us a few days to share the news with our families, but we finally got around to telling them the sex of baby M last Monday…in typical Brett and Andrea fashion.

If you’re wondering what I mean by “Brett and Andrea fashion,” this is how we told them I was pregnant…



Aren’t we the worst?  

Seriously, we know we’re a bunch of weirdos but, eh. I guess that’s just who we are! HA!  We knew they would be thrilled no matter how we told them and didn’t want to wait until we saw them or try to convince them to video chat without suspicion. Besides, how do you decide who to tell first?  My mom, his mom, my grandma, my dad?  There was so right answer, so we took advantage of modern technology and told them all at the same time.

Since that worked so well, this is how we told them what we were having…


And now you know too. It’s a boy and we are super excited. I see a lot of overalls, bow ties, converse, and capellas in my future.

Now to pick a name.

PS: It took us two weeks to name Cooper.

Speaking of…


This dog kills me.