Just a quick update on how I’m feeling a little more confident about surviving this pregnancy…

1) I am officially 4 months pregnant. Those first few months sucked the life out of me and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be past the first trimester.

2)My diet has greatly improved– eating my favorite fresh veggies and fruits again (meat is still a bit iffy sometimes) on a regular basis and I finally have the energy to do more than just lie around on the couch all day.

3) I have now seen all five seasons of Pretty Little Liars and have watched most of season 6…just since the beginning of this pregnancy.

4) Number 3 coupled with my non-stop appetite; my aversion to veg, fruit, and any lean protein, coupled with my actions mentioned above in number 3, I have already gained 20+ pounds…depending on the day.


Wednesday night’s dinner! Hoping this keeps up for a while!

5) I’m happy to report that I worked out Monday and today and THAT coupled with my new interest in things other than cheese and pepperoni with crackers, gives me hope that I won’t gain another 20lbs too quickly.

6) The second trimester is supposedly when the weight really kicks in, so we’ll see how that goes!

7) I’m not afraid of the weight gain for reasons you might think, but that’s a whole other blog post, coming soon!

And there you have it. An Andrealand update in 7-ish sentences.


Love yourself where you are now, for who and what you are, and get excited about who you are becoming.