So what else has happened in recent months?  Well after the mud run I went to beautiful West Virginia with my bff Stacey and her family.  I’ve gone with them several times and every time I’ve been on some diet or another.

The first time I went Stacey and I were doing our own version of a reboot which was mildly successful.  I lost 6lbs during the entire month that we did this.  Six whole pounds!  The second time we went I was doing the HCG diet.  I had lost 11lbs the two weeks prior to our trip and gained 8lbs during the week we were there.  Then last year I was attempting gluten free…but the food there is always so good!  Her mom’s baked squashed is out of this world and flour isn’t optional!

My point is, this was the first time I spent a week there without stressing over what I was going to eat or more importantly, not eat!  It was so freeing!  Having this surgery is seriously the best decision I’ve ever made.  I do track what I eat and I am careful about my choices, but I no longer feel out of control when it comes to eating.  I’m able to enjoy food for what it is and appreciate it rather than just consume it.  90% of the time I make good choices and 10% of the time I splurge.  I feel the way I always imagined naturally thin people must feel.  Even though I’m not thin and might never be considered thin, I FEEL normal and that’s a good feeling!

It was also great to feel like I could keep up with everyone else, fit comfortably on/in furniture that wasn’t made for large people and not constantly feel self-conscious from the moment I got out of bed until it was time to sleep again.  So fun!

On to the title of this blog…Carowinds!  I did it!  I WENT TO CAROWINDS!  I RODE A FREAKING ROLLER COASTER!  Actually I rode several roller coasters and water park rides!  I was supposed to go on a girls trip to the beach but it didn’t work out so we spent a day at Carowinds instead.  The night before we went I couldn’t sleep; I was so excited, like a kid going to Disneyland.  I was up bright and early and kept watching the clock so I could leave.  There were two roller coasters that I wasn’t able to ride due to the size of my ass, but there were several others that I was able to ride and ride, I did!  I had such a blast.  My friends were laughing at me because I was so excited.  I was laughing at me too.

So Carowinds and Mud Run are two milestones that I wanted to accomplish on my weightloss journey.  The next one comes September 8th when I will be spending a day with a group of friends at the National Whitewater Center, white water rafting, kayaking, zip lining and ropes coursing.  I CAN NOT WAIT!

I’ll post some pictures soon!  Promise.