Two things were on my mind today…

One:  I started a body fat challenge today that my gym is doing and I’m pretty excited about  it.  I was telling some friends this morning how I feel confident that I can do it.  What’s funny about that is that they have done a similar detox as what I’m doing this week and the two times they did it during 2011 I thought they were insane.  I thought, how on earth can you give up grains and cheese and sugar?!  I’m okay without caffeine but cheese?!

Today is day one and I’m prepared to not eat any cheese for at least the next 10 days. I’m constantly amazed at how much my mind has changed recently.  It’s like all of a sudden I’m a whole new person, not just on the outside, but on the inside even more!

Two:  Those girlfriends who have done the detox are truly special to me.  Along with the other two girls in our super secret facebook group; there are five of us in total.

We all went to high school together but we didn’t all know each other back then, yet somehow we’ve become amazing friends, almost 20 years later.  We check in with each other multiple times a day, hold each other accountable, love and support each other.  We’re all live fairly different lives.  Two are SAHMs, one is a WAHM, one is a first-time mom, just this year and the other is me!  A not-mom!

Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling so much gratitude for them.  We tell each other all the time how much we appreciate each other, but it really just hit me hard this morning how much I’ve been able to accomplish this past year and how much credit they deserve for all of it.  Whether it was reminding me to take my vitamins or telling me to get my ass to the gym, they have not let me fail, no matter how hard I pushed back.  Sometimes it was tough love with no excuses and other times it was just pure love and support.  I have learned so much from these girls about being accountable to myself.  .

I freaking love them!