So it’s Monday. No one likes ’em. Well not most people anyway. For me they aren’t usually too bad because I work from home. No early morning alarm, no rushing around trying to get out of the house on time and no traffic to deal with. However, this particular Monday has been an exception.

Over the weekend I made some REALLY bad choices. Pizza for dinner on Friday, Wendy’s for dinner on Saturday, followed by a couple of beers with friends, donuts for breakfast on Sunday (homemade…but donuts none-the-less!) and pizza for dinner again last night, because, well…it was Superbowl Sunday. Which brings us to today with whacked out blood sugar and leftover pizza- the only sensible choice to eat of course.

So here we go again. Today is now for cleaning up the pieces. Literally and figuratively.

Four weekend highlights- 1) spending time with friends. 2) Brett FINALLY getting a haircut. 3) Finishing Brett’s V-day present and 4) A really good conversation with my mother-in-law.

Being the queen of research, she found some information for me regarding the Low Glycemic Diet. This is one that I’d heard of, mostly on Nutri-system commercials, but hadn’t really given much thought.

I understand the basic principles of simple and complex carbs. I understand blood sugar peaks and valleys, but I haven’t been able to find a happy medium. It’s always been all or nothing.

The best part about all of this is the timing. You see, today, I feel like garbage. Not sick, not tired, just…gross. I feel full and hungry at the same time. My limbs feel like dead weight and more than anything, I have an extreme case of brain fog! I am having a hard time concentrating and staying focused.

What now? Well, I think I’m going to give this GI lifestyle a try and hope to find a balance somewhere. Somewhere between living like cavemen and modern day society.

Another realization: I’ve actually known this for a while but hadn’t said it out loud until yesterday…I AM SEDENTARY!

I work from home which means I don’t even get the regular activity that the average person gets. I don’t wake up to an alarm, I don’t jump in the shower, run around trying to get ready, walk to my car, drive, park, walk to an office, walk around an office, walk to my car, go to lunch, etc. I simply walk from bed to bath to office to kitchen and back.