It’s been a while since I’ve written an update about my Crossfit goings-on and since it’s been three months since I started, I figure now is a good time to do that, so…

The Crossfit Journey

When I went to my first Foundations Class with my soon-to-be-coach, Brandon, I had no idea what to expect.  I had never taken on anything like Crossfit before…in my ENTIRE life. I had just signed up for my ultimate fitness goal, the Spartan Race, and knew I had six months to prepare; that was my only goal— to be able to do the race.  So far, so good.

Three months ago I wrote this blog as a follow-up to my first day of class.  I love blogging!  It’s so fun to go back and read about the past, even if it wasn’t that long ago.

Anyway, three months ago I couldn’t jump rope more than five jumps in a row- the last time we jumped rope I did 40 and am now working on Double Unders (I currently suck big-time at them!).  I couldn’t do a back squat, these days I’m squatting…crap, I can’t remember how much weight, but I’m doing them.  No more medicine balls in the corner for me.  Three months ago I couldn’t hold a plank longer than 20 seconds, today I can go longer than a minute.  Three months ago, I couldn’t run(ish) 200 meters without stopping.  Today I can do almost half a mile…on a good day…if I remember to pace myself.  More on that later.  Three months ago I could barely do ONE ring-pull-up, today I can do 8-10 and am getting close to being able to do a real (assisted) pull-up on a bar.  Three months ago, my squats were about as low as a bar-stool, today I can get at least parallel.  Three months ago it took me 23:04 minutes to do 100 thrusters with 3 burpees every minute, last week I did the same (with more weight) in just 18:56.  My burpees are still modified but I’m getting closer to the real thing.

I’m seeing REAL progress not just in what my body is capable of but also what my mind can handle too.  Next to having gastric by-pass surgery, doing Crossfit is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Crossfit- Three Months – Before and After Pictures


I can’t wait to see what changes are in store three months from NOW!

As for the run(ish)ing…

I’m getting better– SLOWLY!  When I remember to start out slow I’m able to finish 400 meters without walking.  The problem is that I often forget because I’m so excited that I’m  actually running and I end up burning out after about two hundred meters.  It doesn’t help that the track we run is downhill for the first part and uphill on the second part but regardless, little by little I’m getting better.  It still sucks being the slowest.  I always dread the warm-up runs and even more-so, the WODs that include running but I do know that it will get easier and I will get better.

Crossfit is paying off…the proof is in the pudding…or however that saying goes!

Next up– my one year post-op follow-up.  That’s gonna be a doozie!