Well it’s day eleven of this “period” and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s going to end. As I stated in a previous blog my second-to-last period lasted 18 months so I’m starting to get a little nervous.

I suppose eleven days isn’t unreasonable when you haven’t had a period in five months, but the fear of another 18 month stint is NOT something to be excited about.

This brings me to my rant on PCOS.

When I was diagnosed 10 years ago, PCOS was not commonly assigned. I had to ASK my doctor about it even though I’d been irregular ever since my first period at age 11. I was always just offered the pill as a symptom manager and there was never a concern. In fact, when I was finally diagnosed that was the RX too…take the pill to regulate and come back when you’re ready to get pregnant and we’ll use drugs to get you pregnant.

Since then, there have been some advancements I suppose. Doctors are more aware of the disorder and some even prescribe metformin (a diabetes med) to help with the metobolic end of things, which in turn is supposed to make you ovulate.

Here’s my problem with all of this. Back when I was first diagnosed the doc performed in internal ultrasound and I remember seeing the “string of pearls” around my ovaries. My blood sugar was normal and so was my thyroid and every other test they ran.

Over the last ten years I’ve been back a couple of times, different doctor every time because I’ve moved so much, and every time I’ve been completely normal– other than my weight.

If you read about PCOS there seems to be a correlation between the syndrome and obesity. (God I hate that word) But it seems no one knows which comes first. However, normal-weight women can get it too AND many overweight women DON’T have it. So there’s really no rhyme or reason.

Another interesting thing about “PCOS” (notice I’m putting it in quotation marks now) is that different women have different symptoms. This is where my rant begins.

It seems to me that “PCOS” has become a bit like ADD/ADHD. “Oh your kid is more than you can handle, well he must have ADD, here’s some Ritalin, have a nice day.”

With PCOS it’s like, “oh you’re irregular? Hmmm…well ypu must have PCOS. Here’s your ‘PCOS’ stamp.” And that’s it. Your medical chart now reads “PCOS”.

Before you get upset thinking that I believe ADD is not real, you’re wrong. I do believe it’s real. I, myself should probably be medicated for it, BUT, it’s also become a blanket diagnoses; an excuse for some parents and a money maker for drug companies.

Back to the PCOS, which is why you came here, right?

I call it the “PCOS STAMP” because during my last visit to a REPRODUCTIVE ENDOCRINOLOGIST, a “PCOS” specialist, I was given my stamp once again- as well as a RX for birth control pills and Metformin EVEN THOUGH all of my tests were normal. My hormones are normal, my blood sugar is normal, my thyroid is normal and there were NO PEARLS ON MY OVARIES!!

When I told her I had been bleeding for the past year and a half she was just like, “yeah, that’s got to be tough”.

My OB/GYN didn’t seem bothered by it either. He wanted me to see the specialis to get her “specialized” opinion, but basically told me, “Some people are just fat. Don’t worry about it so much. When you want to get pregnant I’ll give you a prescription for Clomid and we’ll see what happens.”

All of this just leaves me wondering if there’s something being missed; feeling a little more hopeless, a little more helpless and wishing I was a scientist, or at least knew one, willing to do some intense research just in case they’re missing something– like genetically altered corn or hormone injected chicken or drinking out of plastic water bottles. SOMETHING!

Done ranting.

So now what? Well, I wasn’t going to say anything to anybody about this, but because A) I lack self-control, B) We can use all the good energy, thoughts and prayers out there, and C) This is the big one…I know there are other people out there that read my blog who are going through the same thing.

Here it is…Brett and I are going to the doctor on Wednesday to talk to him about clomid. Nervousness ensues.

(I realize this is the THIRD topic that I’m covering in this, “getting longer and longer with every keystroke entry”, but it seems that I have a lot on my mind. And rightfully so I guess.)

Why clomid? I’m thirty-two years old, other than my weight, I’m in perfectly good health- normal BP, cholesterol, hormones, I eat well, and did I mention I’m 32? Yeah, that clock is ticking and to be quite frank, I’m tired of putting off having a baby, or at least trying– I mean REALLY trying.

After writing a few blog-entries, talking to a couple of friends and having a real heart-to-heart with myself, I realized, that losing the weight I want to lose, at the rate I’m going now, will leave me 40 years old and childless. I know “they” say 40 is the new 30, but I want to have a family now, not eight years from now. I’m ready. My heart and my home are ready. Brett is ready. WE ARE READY!! So we’re giving it a shot. A real, honest to goodness shot.

We’re ready. Ready to face this challenge. Hoping it’s just me. Hoping that Clomid will do the trick. Hoping Brett has some good swimmers and that my body will provide a good home for nine months of baby growing…that between the two of us, cause that how it works, we’ll be able to make a beautiful healthy baby.