Feeding 23+ people 3 square meals a day ain’t no joke, yo!

Seriously, that was quite possibly the second most challenging job of my life– the first being a foster parent to 3 kids for 6 months!  But just as being a foster parent was incredibly rewarding, so was being the on-set cook for the film The Drama Club and it was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything!

If you read my previous posts you know that I was very hesitant about taking on this task. I wasn’t afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do the work– I’m pretty fearless in the kitchen and LOVE challenging myself to take on things I’ve never done before, but I was REALLY worried about being completely disconnect from, well anything and everything beyond the property where we were filming for over two weeks.

As a small business owner not being able to check and respond to email, social media, process orders or even make or receive phone calls, can be one’s demise, especially when that business is about to launch a new product! (I swear those details will be announced within a week– as soon as I catch up on…LIFE!)

Anyway, despite my trepidation, the risk was worth it and although I missed Brett and Coop, my friends, family and you guys like crazy, it was totally and completely worth it.

Seriously, look at this face! Oh Coopah!




Being a part of a film crew (even though I spent most of my time alone in the kitchen…or driving 40 miles to the nearest store to restock food supplies) was an honor and a privilege.

I used to work “in the industry” in my early 20’s as a background actor on sitcoms, movies and commercials, but this project was much different.

First of all, it was an independent film with a very low budget, especially compared to the stuff I’d worked on in the past.

Secondly, I wasn’t working as an actor, which gave me a whole new appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes. I could write an entire post about that, and maybe I will! But know that the major takeaway is that what impressed me the most about this project was watching 23 cast and crew members, most of whom had never met each other before, came together with their individual set of skills and undeniable talent to make true magic happen. 

Do you understand the power in that?

Strangers! Never having worked together before! Each one with their own job! Making a freaking movie!

It was like watching an ecosystem working in nature. No egos, no questions, just talent, skills, and a common goal– to make a movie. FREAKING MAGIC!




The first week was spent shooting all of the night time scenes, which meant our hours were 4:30pm (breakfast) to 4:30am (dinner) with lunch at 10:30pm. And just when we were all finally adjusted to this whackey schedule, it was time to switch to days.

The best part about being up with the sunrise…




I spent my first night shopping at Sam’s Club– about an hour away, in Fresno.

I spent 3 MOTHER FREAKING HOURS in that store, and walked 2.5 miles according to my new fitbit surge! It was exhausting!

I filled three flatbed carts with food and water which was, by far, the most stressful part of the job. I’ve never catered before, never prepared 3 meals a day for 23 people, never, never, never…any of this stuff!

I was all by myself, but the staff was very helpful. (Thank you Fresno Sam’s Club!) They allowed me to park my “carts” at the front of the store while I filled the next and then helped me load them into the back of the pickup truck I was driving. Well, the back AND the ENTIRE passenger’s seat.





As stressful as that was, the drive back to the set (where the movie was shot, as well as where we stayed– a home in the desert hills…with a beautiful lake view!) was by far the worst part!




The store was about an hour away and included a drive through pitch dark switch backs, on a road I’d never driven before, in a truck I wasn’t familiar with while the passenger-side groceries slid into me at every turn– including a watermelon that I held in place with my knee. Needless to say, my knuckles were WHITE!

…I feel like I should end this post here because it’s getting so long and there’s so much more to tell.

Let’s do that.

We’ll call this “PART ONE– I survived”. Next up, “PART TWO- I am now ready to audition for Cut Throat Kitchen.” And then I’ll write, “PART THREE- The unexpected” Seriously, some big, huge, VERY surprising news!