I have been on a 10 day cleanse as part of a six week fat-loss challenge at my gym and although it wasn’t torturous by any means, I’m VERY glad that today is the last day…I want a piece of freaking cheese!

Today marks my last day of detox and I can’t say I’m sad it’s over but I’m also incredibly glad I did it. Much to my surprise, the whole thing has been a truly enlightening experience.  What I expected to be food-deprived poop-fest ended up being an opportunity for me to re-evaluate the foods (cheese) I eat and find new, cleaner ways to fuel my body.  Plus it turns out I never felt deprived, pooped normally and lost about three whole pounds!

In the last ten days I haven’t eaten any sugar, grains or dairy, per the rules of “detox”.  It was unclear whether I was supposed to have beans- some things I read said “yes”, others said “no”…I had a few bites of hummus on Sunday so…I’m going to go with, “yes”.  What-evs.

Since already eat very little wheat, I did not miss it at all.  I also rarely eat rice or oats so those weren’t missed either.  However, cheese?!  I LOVE cheese!  I’m a cheese-a-holic!  I eat about 2-3oz per day.  Is that a lot?  What I noticed most is that cheese is a good convenience food for me.  If I’m starving and need a quick bite I grab a string cheese or a piece of turkey and a slice of Colby-Jack.  My problem with cheese is that I put it on everything!  Salads, and chili and fajitas and tacos and EGGS and apples and tuna and…OMG, everything! I EAT TOO MUCH CHEESE!

You’d think by cutting it out I was CERTAIN to have a poop-fest!  But nope, not so much. Anyway, as this 10 day detox comes to an end I thought I’d share with you what I learned…

One: I eat too much cheese

Two:  I don’t need to eat so much cheese…and dairy in general

Three: I am awesome.  I am in control. I am capable.

While I thought I would feel different, physically, after detox…like my guts had been cleaned out or something it turns out that the difference I actually feel is mental.  I feel empowered.  I feel accomplished.  I’m super proud of myself for doing it and sticking to it.  And more than that I learned new ways to eat that I would have never even thought of had I not been “deprived” of my old ways. For instance, I learned that I actually like fruit way more than I thought I did, especially blue berries.  I also like just plain old olive oil with a little SnP on my salad; much to my surprise Ranch is NOT a necessity.  Who knew?!  I also realized that taco salad can be eaten without cheese and sour cream and that bananas make the most ridiculously good pancakes I’ve ever had!

Although I’m looking forward to eating a piece of cheese tomorrow (can you tell I’m obsessing over it?) I’m also looking forward to not eating AS MUCH cheese.  I also vow to continue eating more fruits and veg, it appears that when you eat less cheese there’s more room for plants!  It’s a little bit of alright!

I’ve got four and a half weeks left before I find out if I won the body fat challenge so I have a LOT more work to do!  But it’s going to be worth it!  I’ve decided that when I win I will use the money to buy my new bike so I can start training for that triathlon I’m planning to do in October!

That’s it, that’s all I got.

I kicked this detox in the crotch!