Growing up, my best friend’s dad called me “The Eighth Dwarf, Complain-y”. I got this nickname because I was always sharing my thoughts on everything I found uncomfortable. “It’s cold.” “I’m tired.” “This is hard.”

I didn’t expect anyone to do anything about my complaints, I just didn’t keep them to myself.

Nothing has changed.

I am not the strong silent type. 

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I am strong AF, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be quiet while I’m using my strength.

Nope, I’m going to complain about how hard whatever it is that I’m doing, the whole time I’m doing it. And that’s okay.

I’m not sure where it started, but I don’t believe silence has anything to do with strength. I believe the exact opposite is true.

Acknowledging how hard something is, gives it extra value. It allows us to recognize our true strength, which is probably far more impressive than that for which we give ourselves credit. 

Our strength shows in our willingness to do hard shit and not give up.

No matter what it is– recovering from surgery, finishing a college degree, powering through a workout, sticking to a healthy routine, or grieving a devastating loss– if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with lots of hard stuff, trying to push through without complaining, I encourage you to let it out.

Yell. Scream. Cry. Bitch. Whine. Moan.

Embrace your inner 8th Dwarf.

Embrace the the nickname, “Complain-y”, knowing that you are also a total bad ass who is not afraid of doing some seriously hard shit.

Do the hard shit. Love the hard shit. The harder, the better. Take on challenges that make you miserable, whine about it the whole time, and then when you’ve made it to the other side, be ridiculously proud of yourself.

That’s how growth happens– when we’re willing to be uncomfortable now, for the benefit of the future.

Silence is not necessary.

What are you going through that’s hard right now? Tell me or someone else.

Yell, scream, cry, throw an absolute fit. Get it out. Acknowledge how hard it is and be proud of yourself for your strength.

<3 Andrea