Yes, I said that, I am AWESOME

First of all, EVERYONE is awesome!  I’m not just saying that to patronize you; I truly mean it.  We are all awesome in our own ways.  The problem is that we have a hard time seeing it because we’re too busy comparing ourselves to others and beating ourselves up because we aren’t meeting our own expectations.  It’s only after we stop doing these things that we are finally able to see what we have accomplished, which allows us to realize what we are capable of achieving.

For my awesome, I credit this book right here:

The Four Agreements

These 160 pages opened a world for me that I never knew existed.  This teeny, tiny book changed my entire way of thinking and ultimately changed my life.  I only read it once back in 2008, but those Four Agreements stuck with me (partially because I wrote them down and posted them in my bathroom), and I eventually made them my own.  I learned to apply them to every area of my life—my relationships, my career, my health and myself.  I have used these Four Agreements to change how I perceive life and the way I handle anything it throws at me.

If you are struggling to see YOUR awesome, I encourage you to read this book.  The principles it teaches provided me with true peace and authentic joy by…

  • Being honest and truthful with myself and others
  • Being kind to myself and others
  • Not going through life thinking anyone (everyone) is out to get me
  • Making sure that I am understood when I’m communicating with others
  • Making sure that I fully understand others when they are communicating with me without jumping to conclusions
  • No longer wasting my energy by overanalyzing, stressing or giving too much attention to things that are out of my control, especially the mythical “crystal ball” of what-ifs that are impossible to know
  • Realizing that not everything someone says to or about me is necessarily a reflection of me
  • Remembering that people have their own lives that don’t involve me and that’s okay
  • Always doing my best and, most importantly, realizing that my best is going to change from day-to-day and situation-to-situation

A Mind Shift

I spent so many years of my life thinking I wasn’t good enough: beating myself up, assuming I was incapable of success in any aspect of my life and, in turn, making half-assed attempts at my goals.  It was only recently that I finally figured out how to NOT be that way.

It’s been a long process and there’s still plenty of room for improvement, but these days I can look in the mirror and not just say the words “I am awesome” but actually believe it…not because I’ve lost a bunch of weight, or because I have a popular blog, or bunch of fans on Facebook or a husband who loves me—

I am awesome because I of who I am!

I am Andrea Matthes, and I am proud of what I’ve achieved physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I am awesome!

And I bet you are too![/vc_column_text][/vc_column]