And here we go! Heading to Atlanta for surgery#1, tomorrow! So many things going through my mind, but mostly feeling excited!


*Infection (because that’s a real risk)
*Passing out in the shower the next day (because apparently, that’s common)
*Blood clots (because they are possible)
*Going through all of this and ending up worse.

And then if course there’s the guilt…

*The financial burden
*The recovery time
*The fact that this has been an exceptionally easy process for me, that happened way faster than expected, while knowing that there are other women who have been fighting for help and insurance coverage for years.

There’s also the excitement…

*I’ve known that I have lipedema since 2014 so the thought of relief six years later is, well…,exciting!
(I put off surgery at the time because I didn’t want to take time away from training, working, and racing, not realizing that the constant pain I was in, was because of the lipedema. 🤯)
*I have been watching the stories of hundreds of women who’s lives have changed because of these surgeries
*Hopeful that my life is also going to be changed, in ways I can’t imagine, too!

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