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Compression pants  (this the brand Dr. Byrd uses for her patients)

I highly recommend buy extra so you aren’t doing laundry every single day. Order when you leave the office after your surgery, you’ll know what size to order. Get two extra pairs if you can afford them, and order them immediately so they’ll be there when you get back home, or shortly after. You’ll probably also need a size smaller within a few weeks. Your MLD therapist (if he/she is a PT/OT/nurse) should be able to help you determine what size you need. Plan ahead though. Once the compression get too big they can’t do their job anymore and the swelling and tenderness will remain.

Gloves for pulling on your pants

These will be a life saver when it comes to pulling your compression. Order them before your surgery and take them with you.

Nuun Hydration Tablets

Hydrating yourself really well a few days before your surgery will help loosen up the lipedema fat, make drawing blood easier, and prevent you from being dehydrated after surgery. Staying hydrated after surgery will help you feel better and reduce swelling more quickly.

My Favorite Water Bottle

For reasons listed above

A Vibration Plate

A hefty, but worthwhile investment that will help relieve swelling and is great for long-term use to keep swelling down, improve balance, and burn extra calories than exercise alone. I got this after my second surgery and it felt so good. Still does!

Postpartum Belly Band

Because the one they give you post op isn’t very helpful and the more support you have the better you’ll feel.

Marena Post-Surgical Compression

4-6 week out, according to your surgeon’s directions, these are great because they’re so much more comfortable to wear under your clothes than the CZ Salus compression leggings, and they’re crotch-less so you don’t have to take them down every time you pee.

(Pay no attention to the small-child hand prints on my mirror! LOL)


Dr. Byrd/Lipedema Surgery Center

11050 Crabapple Road
Building B
Roswell, Georgia 30075

Telephone: 770.587.1711

Lipedema Foundation

Do you have lipedema quiz

The article that introduced me to lipedema

Interesting new research

Facebook support groups that I’ve found helpful

Surgery Groups

General Support


There may be groups for other insurance companies too. Do a search on Facebook and if you can’t find one, ask for help in one of the other groups.

Insurance Help is a company that helps women get pre-approval, single case agreements, reimbursement and navigate the appeals process for lipedema surgery. I do not have experience with this company as I was able to do everything on my own as outlined in this document. From what I understand they offer a free phone consultation and charge a fee for their services. They also have a membership site that gives information on the process and access to necessary forms. I have seen some women in the groups say that they love this organization and others who paid a lot of money and still didn’t get what they expected. I’d say, try on your own using the steps I used, if you don’t have success, hire an advocate.



I hope you find the information in this series of posts helpful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

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