Okay, okay here it is…

So we went the doctor this morning and it went very well, as best it could I suppose. My doctor is a bit cooky to say the least, but easy to talk to and totally on board in helping us any way possible. Since he is not a fertility specialist he is limited in what he can do to help, but is willing to get us through the initial rounds of Clomid in hopes of getting pregnant.

We walked out of his office with our nifty little specimen kit (Brett is less than thrilled) and as well a prescription for Provera and Clomid; now we just wait.

It was never our intention to walk out of the appointment, run to the pharmacy, fill the prescription and come home and do it like rabbits. That hasn’t changed.

For now, we plan to just hang out for a while. Let this all settle in a bit and move forward when we’re ready.

I’m hoping Brett will come around sooner than later and decide the whole “filling the cup” thing isn’t that bad. But I will try to be as patient as I can. Unfortunately, it’s not something that can be especially spontaneous which completely removes any opportunity for “romance”. It’s all very clinical.

First we have to make an appointment with the lab so that they can be ready when we deliver the specimen, then the cup has to be filled (which we can do at home) but we have keep it warm by placing between our legs or under an arm and deliver it within one hour of collection. Sounds like fun, eh? Oh yeah, and no “sex” three days prior.

Who knew jacking it into a cup had to be so scientific. Yeah, I just said, “jacking it”, so what?! It’s funny! And it’s okay to laugh about it.

From there, we’ll find out what we’re working with. If we’ve got limited, slow or abnormal sperm at least we’ll know and can start looking at herbal supplements and take advantage of other remedies out there.

Once that’s all determined we’ll move forward.

I’m on day 14 of this “period” now, woo hoo. NOT! And if it doesn’t end, and/or a new one doesn’t start by the time we’re ready to give this whole getting knocked up thing a whirl, I will: take a dose of Provera to jump start a period, take the clomid 3-5 days after it starts then go back to the doc on day 20 for a blood test to see what my hormone levels are and if my progesterone levels indicate ovulation. If my progesterone levels don’t indicate ovulation then we start the process again only this time we increase the dose of Clomid. This will continue until A) pregnancy is achieved or B) We’ve reached the max dose.

If we get to B then we re-evaluate and most likely move to other plan B which is adoption. That’s been plan A/B all along and will probably happen regardless…eventually.


Step 1: check sperm
Step 2: take Provera if a natural period doesn’t occur
Step 3: take Clomid
Step 4: blood test to determine hormone levels. If test is positive –>Step 5 If it’s negative we still move to step 5, because we can and then return to step 2
Step 5: have lots of sex
Step 6: take a positive pregnancy test and jump for joy or return to step 2

Here’s hoping for Plan A!