In December 2013 I greeted my 2yr gastric bypass surgiversary (I still hate that stupid word) with mixed emotions. I felt successful and proud of what I had accomplished in 2013 but that sense of pride was countered with the realization that even though I THOUGHT I had it all figured out…I was wrong.


Although I have definitely created some fantastically healthy NEW habits, I still struggle with the old ones. I realized about four months ago that I even though I had at one time felt confident that food no longer controlled me, that was only a facade— AKA, my gastric bypass, teeny tiny “pouch” (I hate that word too) doing it’s job. It turns out that these days I can eat completely normal portions of most foods– especially starchy ones (slider foods) and NOTHING makes me sick– both a blessing and curse.

While my weight has pretty much stabilized between the same 7-8 pounds, and I DO eat healthy MOST of the time and I workout regularly, it has become more and more apparent to me just how easy it would be to revert back to my old ways. LIKE SUPER EASY!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel like I’m going down the “wrong” or “bad” path, I’m simply aware of the potential for significant regain. And more than that, I’m SURPRISED at MY potential for regain. Even though I thought I was set for life during that first year and a half post-op,the last six months have reminded me that this IS IN FACT going to be a LIFELONG battle. My body and mind are predisposed to overeating, under-exercising, over-storing (fat) and under-burning calories. I will never be a “skinny person” inside or out. This doesn’t mean I am or always will be a “fat person” but “healthy”, “skinny,” or “naturally fit” will never be part of my make-up. Those things will always be something that I have to be conscious of and will have to work for.

Kinda sucks, eh?

Yes, yes it does! But knowledge is power and I would rather know that, accept it and be willing and able to face it head on than pretend that I am invincible and assume post op regain could never happen to me. It is what it is and trust me, the diligent hard work, small sacrifices, and compromises are WAY worth it. Period. The challenge will be to keep that momentum going!

I’m so excited to see what year three post-op has in store for me. If 2013 is any indication of what I can expect in 2014 then I am READY!

My Year Two Post Op WLS (gastric bypass) Recap:

1) Completed NINETEEN RACES including OCRs, road races, trail races and triathlons!
2) Got my personal training certification
3) Traveled up and down the east coast running Spartan Races with new friends; got selected to be part of a Reebok Spartan Commercial
4) Surfed, whitewater kayaked, ran two miles unbroken and made huge strides in Crossfit progress
5) Hosted the first I’mperfect Life retreat
6) Was featured in two newspaper articles
7) Was a guest on Charlotte Today (NBC)
8) Found my love for hair extensions
9) Reached my doctor’s goal weight of 165lbs- losing HALF MY BODY WEIGHT and FINDING LIFE!

Last but not least…

10) I created I’mperfect Life! Which has provided me the opportunity to meet so many amazingly inspiring people who I get to interact with every day, including YOU!

Thank you for being a part of my I’mperfect Life!