Do you see that smile?  That is the smile of a VERY lucky girl!  I have been trying to get this bike since September.  I’ve been in the bike store multiple times over the last several months eyeing this bike until I finally put down a deposit in January.  This bike has kept me from spending money frivolously (knowing I needed to save my pennies) it has kept me eating healthy (trying to win the fat loss challenge at my gym so I could pay for it) and it has given me nightmares (worrying that I would never actually get it).  But today!  TODAY!  My sweet husband surprised me by bringing it home to me…paid in full!  It’s now mine. ALL MINE!  And I am another step closer to completing a triathlon!


So far I’ve only ridden it around the block but tomorrow…it’s on!  I will be riding that mother to the gym…TWICE!  And it’s going to be AWESOME!

I’m not much for naming inanimate objects but I feel like this gem deserves a good name.

Got any ideas?

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