I typically blog when I am feeling good and proud but I also try to blog when things aren’t so great too.  They can’t all be puppy dogs and rainbows…

I am currently missing the honeymoon period of Gastric Bypass Surgery.  I felt so in control, it was a feeling I’d never felt before. Now that I am 18 months post op all those old feelings, temptations, struggles are back. I have to choose to make the right decisions every minute.

Take this weekend for example. I was stuck in a cabin in the woods from Thursday until Tuesday (mom’s car broke down Sunday) surrounded by foods I do not keep at home and all I did for SIX days was eat and except for the ropes course on Sunday, I haven’t done a lick of exercise.

I was perfectly capable of going for a walk but I didn’t. I could have done some squats or the AB challenge…but I didn’t. I sat on my computer, ate chips and cookies and muffins and crackers and chocolates and fudge and wished I could be at home in my normal routine. I think a lot of that is that I was with my family and that is what we’ve always done.  That’s how I grew up, sitting around eating. So that felt like normal. It’s crazy and scary how easily I am sucked back into old ways.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming my family for the “bad foods”.  I took plenty of it myself- peanut butter stuffed pretzels are one of my favorite vacation foods.  I also took chips and salsa and I bought a 1/2 of fudge and a box of chocolates during our little outing on Saturday.  Nothing low carb about any of that! I typically avoid wheat.  I know it makes me feel swollen and tight yet I’ve been eating it.  I typically go to Crossfit 4-6 times per week.  I haven’t done a lick of exercise in six days, except for the 2.5 hour ropes course I did on Sunday.  I drank wine and soda and sat on my ass doing NOTHING!

I talk a lot about choices and forgiveness on my facebook page and in our facebook support group because I have come to realize that ultimately, that’s what a healthy lifestyle boils down to.  I do not act like I am perfect, in fact, you may have noticed that the name of my blog is “I’mperfect Life”.  Wink, wink.  For the most part, I make choices I feel good about however, I am not proud of the choices I made this weekend… but I am forgiving myself.  I do wish that I had better life-skills to deal with situations like this but I guess old habits are hard to break.

My point is that lifestyle changes ultimately come down to making the right choices and sticking with it. I made poor choices this weekend; I am not proud of them but today I got my ass up, had my protein shake, went to Crossfit, came home had my bacon and eggs…knowing that I AM IN CONTROL.  That’s the difference between my mindset now and my mindset 2 years ago.

This past weekend’s ridiculousness does not mean that I have failed.  Even though the scale was up two pounds this morning, that doesn’t even mean I have to start over.  It just means that I need to get back on track today…DONE!