Well this picture does NOT do my face justice, or at the least irritation I created when I “Veeted” it today.  Due to my hateful reproductive organs (PCOS) I tend to have excess facial hair.  It’s pretty manageable with tweezers- just a few  chin whiskers here an there, sometimes more depending on where I am in my ever-changing cycle.

After a conversation with my mom and sister yesterday about my new-found mustache which included the topic of bleaching (which I’ve tried) I got a wild hair up my ass this morning and decided I should just Nair that shit!  (It was actually Veet, but few people know what Veet is and everyone know what Nair is– much better marketing scheme obviously!)  Anyway, I had just gotten out of the shower so my skin was perfectly clean and primed, just asking for a good hair removal.

Originally I only applied the Veet to my upper lip, my goal being to prove to my mom that the mustache isn’t actually hair, but skin discoloration but after I smeared it there I decided to keep going.  Took it all the way down, along my jawline, to my hair line, much in the same fashion that a man would apply shave cream.  Keep in mind this was not the kind designed for the face, but rather the plain old hair removal type that’s designed for legs and underarms.  Eh.  No biggie.

WRONG! When I washed it off my face was on fire! Red and puffy and itchy and burny.  I had about 15 minutes before I had to walk out the door to meet my trainer at the gym.  I sprayed it with some toner, patted it with cool water, applied some make-up…nothing was working. Oh well!

By the time I got to the gym it was so inflamed it was ridiculous.  I told the trainer that I had “put something on my face this morning that my skin didn’t like” –he didn’t need details.  After the first 400 meter run, when my blood was pumping through my veins my face felt like it was going to peel off!  I told him to work me hard because I needed a distraction- seemed to do the trick.  By the time my work out was over it had calmed down a bit and now four hours later it barely stings and my face is silky smooth.

Would I do it again?  The short answer is:  yes, probably.  But we’ll see how long this lasts, how effective it is and next time (if there is a next time) I’ll be sure to do it when I have no reason to leave the house any time soon…or MAYBE, just maybe I’ll look into buying the kind that’s made for faces.

Fricken hormones!