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Always Do Your Best  Good Enough

This rule used to be, “Always do your best,” but as I continue to learn and evolve, I’ve come to realize that, while my best is great, good enough is good too!  I still aim for my best, most of the time, but if I make that my goal I find that I end up in analysis paralysis without making any progress at all. So good enough is just that! It’s good enough!

This rule kind of wraps up all of the other rules because our best is all we can ever expect. And it’s why “good enough” is also good when it comes to anything in life—including following the 12 rules for living an I’mperfect Life.

Good enough is enough to be effective.

Letting go of perfection, and the expectation of doing or being our best, provides us the freedom to try without potentially unreasonable expectations.

We can’t expect ourselves (or others) to perform or respond to anything consistently—forever.

If we are sick, stressed, distracted, hungry, tired, busy, happy, sad, angry, whatever…our abilities are going to vary.

We must be kind to ourselves, and give credit where credit is due without comparing ourselves to “last time” or “most of the time” or “other times” or…other people.

Life is a constant evolution full of peaks and valleys, ebbs and flows. We must remember that sometimes things (food choices, exercise habits, losing our temper, etc.) will be easier to manage than others.

Of course our best is ideal, and when it happens it will feel amazing, but it’s totally okay, to do, and be, good enough!

Remember that forgiveness is key. So whenever you need to, go back to rule number one for living your best, happy, healthy, I’mperfect Life.

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