I have been trying to come up with the right words to express my thoughts and feelings following the I’mperfect Life Spring Retreat but all I keep doing is rambling on and on, never actually conveying what I really feel. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to accurately explain what it feels like to be a part of something so special but I’m going to try …


I’m so grateful that 19 women believed in what I live, enough to leave their families for 5 days and travel from all over North America to learn and grow in an effort to love their own I’mperfect Life.


I am proud that I was able to provide an opportunity for them to come together, to love and support each other, to be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally, and to realize just how strong and capable they are as individuals and with each other.


Is there a word that’s bigger and better than “rewarding?” Because if there is, that’s what this feels like.


I was so inspired by each woman individually, but we were ALL inspired by each other. Coming together allowed us to realize that none of us are alone in our wants and needs, strengths and weaknesses. We all struggle as individuals but knowing we’re not the only ones fighting this battle provided each of us comfort and confidence in our pursuit of the life we want to live.


All I want to do now is continue to find more ways to help others. Lots more retreats in the near and distant future!

Pure Joy

It’s what I have in my heart right now.

A Glimpse of How We Spent Our Time Together

Painting Together

Working Out Together

Eating Healthy Meals Together

Learning and Growing Together

Problem Solving Together

Challenging Each Other

Loving and Supporting Each Other

It may seem hard to believe that anyone can literally change their life in a matter of just four days, but having witnessed it, I can tell you, it happens.

The I’mperfect Life Retreat is not about overnight success or creating a complete lifestyle overhaul in less than one week. It’s about creating a brain shift that alters the perspective from which we view our lives: past, present, and future–  focusing on forgiveness, striving to always do our best, and realizing that we are worthy and capable of the life we want to live.


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