I posted on Facebook last week, “The problem with being a blogger is choosing what to write about when there are so many ideas swirling around in my head.” –Or something like that.  Then I asked, “which would you rather hear about first, MY CURRENT FUNK AND HOW I’M DEALING WITH IT? Or WHAT DOES A PAPER TOWEL HOLDER HAVE TO DO WITH WEIGHT LOSS?

While much curiosity was piqued with the paper towel holder option (I will write about that soon), the majority of the responses requested the funk because it was relatable.  I hate to hear that so many are dealing with their own funk!  Know you’re not alone!

So here it is, this is my funk and how I’m dealing with it…

I forgot to mention that one of the big reasons I’m feeling funktastic is that I have been going so non-stop that I haven’t been able to do things I LOVE doing like run races and because of my stupid shoulder I haven’t been able to swim which means no triathlons for me.  Those are probably actually the two biggest issues…I rambled to long about the other stuff, SORRY!