Okay, so this “weekly” thing hasn’t really panned out like I had hoped…as with most things in life, just when I think I’ve found a routine that works, BAM, something changes. No sense in fighting it though. Just gotta do the best we can, however that may look at the time.

Have you read the Four Agreements? If you downloaded my free Guide to Living Your Happy, Healthy I’mperfect Life, then you should have seen that I mention my affinity for that book– completely changed my perspective. You can get your own copy HERE! It’s totally worth all six dollars and sixty-five cents!

I did send an email update to my mailing list last week to let my subscribers know that I’m still alive, but that’s as far as my update went. There really wasn’t much to share, hence the lack of a post last week…and maybe the week before that, too. Basically I have been working…A LOT but here’s the gist of what’s been going on, because it’s some pretty good stuff!

I just realized that I forgot to take a scale picture this morning. I weighed myself yesterday and was up about 4 pounds— too many indulgences! (It was my birthday on Tuesday) I’m not worried about it, they won’t stay around long.

The only issue is that those 4 pounds are keeping me from getting to where I want to be sooner than they would had I not over indulged this past weekend in birthday festivities– mainly too much alcohol and chocolate cake– that was SO good and I don’t regret one single bite of.

So what else has been going on in Andrealand?

Because you know, I’m way more than my number on the scale! <3

Let’s see, over the last couple of weeks…

I shot some video

I’ve been working on a program designed to help you “get off diet wagon for good!” that will available in October!


We went for a 5 mile hike

Poor Coop was SO tired– we hadn’t expected to hike 5 miles that day. Oops. Brett and I survived but it was pretty miserable. Like good parents, we gave most of our water to the kid. Next time, we’ll be more prepared!


I started running.

Yep. R.U.N.N.I.N.G. My hips don’t lie! They are doing SO much better and I’ve actually be ENJOYING running– an absolute first for me. It’s a good thing too, because it’s really been my only form of exercise these last couple of weeks.






My schedule has not allowed me to hit up the box much lately, so CrossFit has been on the very back burner. Running however, I can do on the spur of the moment. I’ve been putting on my compression pants as soon as I wake up, so I’m ready to go whenever I get the urge.

Not the chance, but the urge.

I’ve had far more CHANCES to go running that I have had urges. I’m choosing to take advantage of the urge, rather than feeling bad about not taking the chance. It’s been a great way to clear my mind and help Coop spend some of his puppy energy! Win-win!

It’s pretty insane that I ran two miles the other day considering I couldn’t run 200 meters two months ago.

My hip running remedy

If you’re not taking magnesium you should check it out! My whole body feels so much better since I started taking 2 tsp every night before bed. I am sleeping like a baby, without pain! (talk to your doctor or at least do some of your own research before trying it)

I also had a little revelation

I’ve always been a procrastinator. I’ve also always been a perfectionist (in weird ways) but I hadn’t realized until just last week that the two went hand-in-hand for me. EPIPHANY! Now that I am aware of it, I am managing both much more effectively. YAY ME!






And I had a birthday.

That’s right. I’m now 38. So, happy birthday to me! I celebrated with friends on Saturday night, where I proceeded to have a little too much to drink. Not really TOO much, just enough to let a little looser than I normally do. I didn’t get sick or embarrass myself or anyone else, just got silly. It was actually quite fun, as you can see in these pictures. 🙂






Friends and tacos and margaritas and mustaches and a pinata and A BIG HUGE MESS that was totally worth it! (by the way, that “birthday cake” is actually a bowl of failed queso dip that became the joke of the night)






Up next is California!

I leave Sunday and will be gone for OVER THREE WEEKS! I’ve been hired to provide healthy meals for the cast and crew of an independent film that will be shot on location somewhere out in the boonies— with NO cell phone or internet coverage! AHHHHH! I will be heading to town a few times per week to stock up on groceries and stuff, so I plan to find someplace in town that has WiFi– hopefully!