So you’ve been thinking about joining the fitness challenge but you have no idea what challenges to choose, eh?

Well, let me say this FIRST!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an elite athlete or have difficulty walking the length of your driveway (which is where I was just a few short years ago) training is what gets you to the finish line.

Training isn’t something that just happens, it’s something you do.  You start small, measure your progress and work to improve.

If walking is a challenge for you right now…

Set your first goal to be able to walk a mile.  If that sounds like a pipe dream right now, then it’s a perfect goal for you!  You will TRAIN to walk that mile.  You will spend one week walking to the end of your driveway, 2 times each day.  Next week you will walk three doors down, 2 times each day.  The following week you’ll walk to the end of the street and back and so on and so on until you’re able to walk one mile.

Next goal?  Walk five miles in one week! This might take several weeks, that’s called training.

That’s what this challenge is about!  Training to be what?


As you’re training for your mile, also train to improve you plank hold time duration.

You can only hold a plank for 10 seconds right now?  Perfect!  Practice! Make 1 minute your goal, then practice until you get it right.  Every time you do attempt to hold it for 1 minute you’re strengthening your core and eventually, you WILL get to your one minute!  Once you get to one minute, up the anti! Or switch to push ups.

You’ve got the core strength now!  Set a goal of being able to do 10 push ups, chest to ground (knees or toes), without stopping. You may not even be able to do ONE at first but with…TRAINING you WILL!

There’s three goals for you!

More Training Challenge Ideas…

Walk (or run) a mile in less than 20 minutes…or 15 minutes…or 10 minutes!

Go to water aerobics three times a week for one entire month

Learn a new line dance

Improve the number of sit ups or push ups you can do in 1 minute

Pick a challenging yoga pose and practice

Set a step goal

Challenge yourself to __ minutes of exercise per week or month.

Need more ideas?  Comment below!

Have questions?  Comment below!

Don’t let the fear of not being perfect stop you from making progress!  This is YOUR challenge.  Make sure your goals are challenging, just beyond what seems attainable then be PROUD when you realize your body can do!

Be better than before!  Make progress!


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