I’m going to try to get better about giving more complete updates more frequently because I feel there’ so much I want to tell you and then I feel overwhelmed.

Here’s where I am now with my post miscarriage weight gain, post vacation weight gain AND my post workout FREAKING BLISTER!

I was supposed to start an Advocare cleanse but at the last minute decided against it. After being out of town for 10 days I have decided to just get back to my healthy habits and commit to more of my whole food recipes and meal prep that helped me lose 164lbs instead of using supplements and “cleansers” to get things “moving”. If for some reason I’m not getting the results I want to see then maybe I’ll give the 24 Day Advocare Challenge a try.

I believe wholeheartedly in my own methods of “detox” and jump starting weight loss because it’s worked for me time and time again, so it’s silly for me to mess add extra stuff unnecessarily.

I got on the scale after returning from the vacation mentioned above and saw my normal vacation weight gain. In the past I haven’t stressed about these gains because I could very easily get back down to my comfy weight of 169lbs within a couple of weeks. But this time I wasn’t at my “comfy weight” when I left so I’m now getting ready to tackle the vacation weight gain AND those extra pounds that have been hanging around since my miscarriage

That’s all I’m going to say about that because I’ve been talking about losing those extra pounds for months and have done very little to actually make it happen. There are blogs written about it if you need to catch up but suffice it to say that it has been a conscious choice. Not one that I’m excited about, but it boils down it not being a priority until now, and I’m okay with that. No stress here!

The following is proof that I haven’t given up or thrown in the towel…

After almost 3 Years of CrossFit I finally tore my hand on the bar today. Not sure what was so special about today– maybe my hands were swollen from all the crap I ate while on vacation? Maybe it’s the extra 20ish pounds I’ve been carrying around for the last six months? Maybe it’s that my CrossFit box removed ALL OF THE TAPE from ALL OF THE BARS while I was on vacation. Hmph! :/

I love taped bars and chalk. LOTS OF CHALK! 

Because of this torn blister, making dinner tonight was a real B.I.T.C.H. I didn’t think about the affects of jalpenos on blisters when I made my famous (not really famous but they should be!) low carb jalapeno poppers! Total derp moment for me! Have you tried those yet? OMG, they are SO good and super easy!

All in all it’s been a good day. Can’t complain. Now for a shower and bed!