Ten Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Eating Mindfully

  1. Don’t eat out of the package.
  2. Do grab a handful of chips, or a couple of cookies and put them in a bowl or on a plate. Then put the rest away– ALL THE WAY AWAY. Don’t leave them on the counter, in case you want more. It’s okay if you want more, but make sure you have time to decide that that’s what you REALLY want.
  3. Ask yourself…”what do I really want?”
  4. Pay attention to your food. Look at it. Taste it. Savor it. Enjoy it!
  5. Avoid eating in front of the TV, or while reading, or playing a game on your phone, or looking at social media.
  6. Put your fork down between bites.
  7. Sit at a table (set the table as a bonus)
  8. Eat colorful foods
  9. Plate your food in a way that makes it appealing
  10. Be grateful for your meal

Use these tips to help you avoid eating a whole box of girl scout cookies, mindlessly…like me. (READ MORE)

Use this Scale to Honor Your Body's Hunger Cues

0= Famished– Feeling tired, weak, light headed, cranky; it’s been too long since you last ate​

1= Very Hungry- Stomach is growling, low energy; it’s been a while since to last ate​

2= Hungry- Feeling a little empty but not quite “very hungry”​

3= Slightly Hungry- Could be real hunger, could be a craving or “head hunger”​

4= Comfortable- Not hungry or full, just right. Content.​

5= Full- ate a little too much, experiencing some discomfort​

6= Stuffed- feeling overfull and uncomfortable

Download a printable version of the hunger scale to help you stay mindful.


Ideally you will eat when you’re at a 2 and stop when you get to 4. There will be times when you let yourself get to a 1 or 0– it’s best to avoid this whenever possible because it’s often a culprit for overeating.​

​Stop eating before you get to 5 or 6. Enjoy your food but recognize true satisfaction and stop when you no longer feel hungry. You’ll be surprised how quickly that happens when you really pay attention.​

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