I have strong opinions on lots of things health, wellness, and fitness. Opinions that are drastically different from most coaches in my field. I’m such a rebel! Ha!

One of my biggest peeves is with #noexcuses.

That one really gets under my skin so I made a video all about it. (It’s at the bottom of this page)

While #noexcuses is intended as a “motivator” the message is often used to make others believe that their excuses aren’t valid. Like, “Look at me overcoming my obstacles. Why aren’t you?”

Or worse, “SO-AND-SO DOESN’T EVEN HAVE ARMS AND LOOK AT WHAT THEY’RE DOING! #noexcuses #whatsyourexcuse

**Cue steam exploding out of my ears.** Even writing that sentence made me twitchy.

Neither guilt nor shame should ever be used as “motivators”.

Despite popular opinion, guilt and shame DO NOT WORK! All they do is perpetuate feelings of guilt and shame.

If you’re beating yourself up over choices you’re making when it comes to food and fitness, or anything else in your life for that matter, PLEASE STOP!

I know from personal (and professional) experience beating yourself up DOES NOT WORK!

What does work? Being honest with yourself.

Seriously, just be honest with yourself. Our “excuses” are often caused by an underlying truth that we either don’t want to admit or haven’t yet acknowledged.

So if when you find yourself saying, “I really want to _____, but I can’t because_____. ” Stop and ask, is that true?

It might be true…or it might now. You may find that the truth is that you don’t know how, or that you’re stuck in the perfectionist loop, or…that you just don’t actually want to do it. And guess what? That’s okay!

I see so many women beat themselves up for not getting to the gym, finding every “excuse” under the sun to NOT “be able” to go, when the truth is that they actually just don’t WANT to go. But, they feel like they should go, because that’s what we’ve all been conditioned to believe.

The actual reason be any number of things, like not knowing what to do when they get there, feeling uncomfortable in gym clothes, have a fear of being seen, or some other kind of anxiety that isn’t being addressed.

Whatever your truth is, know that your “excuses” are valid.

But you do need to determine what they actually are and how to address them.

Don’t WANT to go to the gym? Cool. Find something you want to do instead.

Rather than spending your time and energy worrying about “how to make yourself get to the gym” stop and think about what you would enjoy doing that honors yourself, your body, and your happy, healthy lifestyle goals.

Eating well and moving your body are important factors when it comes to living a happy, healthy lifestyle. AKA, living our best quality of life. But there are no real rules in life that say you have to eat certain foods (unless medially necessary, of course) or go to the gym __ days a week in order to be “successful”.

True health and happiness come from within. So please, stop beating yourself up and start listening to your wants and needs, then make them happen.

You are the only one responsible for you.

You’ve got this!

Rule number one for living a happy, healthy I’mperfect Life, is to forgive yourself. If anyone tries to bully you into believing otherwise, send them to me.

So make your excuses and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. The only thing I ask is that you’re honest with yourself about why, and then address.

(And know that it’s okay to simply not want to do something…like go to the gym.)