I’m here to tell you a week of vacation filled with craptacular eating and virtually no exercise  is not worth it!  These last two days at the gym have left me feeling worse than I did on my first day of Crossfit which was five weeks ago.  It feels like all the progress I had made is G.O.N.E.  and now I’m left feeling down and discouraged.  I’m not giving up, I know it will get better again but it’s hard to believe that just 10 days ago I runnished almost half a mile and today I had to start walking after just 200 meters!  The whole time I was at the gym this morning I just wanted to lie down on the floor and go to sleep.  I feel so completely drained.

A week at the beach with my family was great fun.  We celebrated my grandmother’s 80th birthday and had a reunion of sorts with family from out of town.  It was the first time we’d ALL spent an entire week together and minus a few MINOR altercations it was (surprisingly) drama-free.  However, all of the bad habits that I’d become accustomed to over the years, the habits that got me to my whopping 325lbs, the habits that I thought I’d broken forever, resurfaced with a vengeance!

I started out strong.  Got up Monday morning, went down to the the fitness center, runnished a quarter mile on a sketchy treadmill, practiced some squats and used the even sketchier weight machine to do some lat pull downs.  It was my husband, sister, future sister-in-law and me.  Within 20 minutes we were all pretty convinced that we were probably going to die of mold inhalation, partially due to the humidity in the tiny fitness center (closet) and the evidence of actual mold in the picture frames that were hung on the wall.  Needless to say, we didn’t go back!  So we decided that walks/runs on the beach were in order for the remaining days…HA!

Tuesday we walked around an awesome museum (WonderWorks) for about 3 hours and even got in some cardio on a few of the exhibits which meant that day wasn’t a total loss but the days following were farther downhill than the day before.  By Saturday I was so full of garbage- mostly donuts, french toast, muffins and Oreos that all I did was sleep.  Literally.  I could barely keep my eyes open.  I fell asleep in the couch around noon, moved to my bed around one, got up at 4:30 and fell asleep on the couch again at about 8.

The only vegetables I remember eating were the tomatoes in the salsa I ate with chips and the avocado I ate in guacamole…also with chips.  I guess the chips are made with corn so they might count as a vegetable too just as much as the avocado and tomato…

I seriously cannot get over how awful I feel.  What’s scary is that this used to be my norm! How on earth did I function?  Oh, that’s right…I didn’t!

As much as I love the beach and sincerely enjoyed spending time with my family, I do not miss the ungodly amounts of crap-food that was available at all times. No matter how yummy that cream filled doughnut tasted at the time it was not worth feeling the way I feel today.  Not one bit!