This week was pretty much a blur but full of progress!  I can’t believe how fast I’m getting stronger.  Last week I was only able to jump rope six times before getting caught in the rope.  Today, I did twenty and that was near the END of the workout today, after I’d already been going for almost an hour…AND I hadn’t jumped rope since last week, so it’s not like I’ve been practicing every day.

Progress was also apparent today when I deadlifted 135lbs!  Last week…only 65!  I couldn’t believe it!

I ran-ished almost 800 meters today (close to 1/2 a mile) and last week I couldn’t do a full 200 meters!  WHAT THE WHAT?!  I mean seriously!  It’s INSANE!

My hands are a huge obstacle for me right now which is quite frustrating.  Holding onto things like the rings for pull-ups and even doing burpees (which totally suck anyway) just KILLS my pitifully weak hands.  HOWEVER!  I can tell that they are getting stronger too, just a little slower than the rest of my body.

What’s crazier than crazy is that I’m starting to feel MUSCLES under my fat.  Like REAL, LIVE muscles!  Especially in my forearms…weird!

I went to Crossfit four times this week and worked on my swimming technique (which needs help!) on Wednesday….

I also went down to our local watering hole Wednesday night where I ate nachos and drank half a pumpkin beer.  It’s seemed like a fine idea at the time but Thursday morning was an entirely different story.  After a 400 meter run I felt awful.  Just awful.  So lesson learned: No mid week beers…or nachos!  Unless they’re homemade… without chili and slaw and nacho cheese and salsa and sour cream and mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese and jalapenos and I can’t remember what else. They took the word “loaded” to a whole new level.  They were also quite delicious but not worth the Thursday morning payback.