Just a quick update to my PLATEAUS SUCK  post from a few months ago.  I am stuck again but that’s not going to make me give up.  I am LIVING MY LIFE!  My life does not revolve around a number on the scale.  Even though I am less than 20lbs from my original goal weight I am not stressing about my weight in numbers.  Instead I am measuring my progress through my abilities.

Since losing 100lbs I am ABLE to:

Run 2 miles without walking (on a good day)


Cross my legs

Reach all of my body parts

Change my tennis shoes in the driver’s side of my car

Flip a fricken tractor tire

Hold a plank for 2+ minutes

Squat, kneel, bend

Stand on my HANDS

Climb stairs carrying 30lbs of dog food without getting winded

Ride roller coasters

Whitewater kayak

DO  anything with adult-sized weight restrictions

See my muscles and feel my bones


This is all that matters to me.  Sure sometimes I get caught up in the number…SOMETIMES.  Sometimes I get frustrated with the “look” of my body.  But every day I am GRATEFUL for what my body can DO!  IT CAN LIVE!

Focus on living and the number on the scale will become obsolete.

And just in case you were wondering…here is a visual of all of my weight loss plateaus over the last year…

I'mperfect Life
I’mperfect Life


Oh and in the last year my body has gone from this…



To this…

One year weight loss


Rant over. XOXOXOXO