Here is your weekly update!

Same Weight…

I didn’t even take a new picture.

Like I said last week, I was surprised by the amount of movement on the scale. Turns out, I was just off by a week! I still haven’t gotten my period yet, but I expect it tomorrow. Because of this, I am not surprised by the lack of movement on the scale. 🙂  I have fluctuated between 182.8 and 183.8 for the past week. This is VERY typical and what REAL weight loss looks like. I can’t stress this enough. Although I wouldn’t consider this a true plateau since it’s only been about a week, it’s important to recognize that plateaus ARE real and they suck! They STILL SUCK. And then they finally break! (I wrote lots of posts about plateaus during my 164lbs weight loss experience!)

I am SUPER proud to report that, like I promised in my post last Friday, I DID NOT indulge in pizza, beer or ice cream over the weekend. 

Going into the weekend I didn’t even have any expectations of being exposed to any of those things but by the time the weekend was over, I ended up face-first in opportunities to enjoy all three! As seen in this image…


Let me just tell you how SUB PAR this salad was, especially since Jet’s Pizza is my FAVE! Remember when I ate that (almost) WHOLE PIZZA?  Well, that was a Jet’s pizza and it was delicious! This was a Jet’s Salad and it was NOT delicious. In fact, it was kind of gross. But, I ate it anyway because I was hungry and it’s what was available where I was at the time. Making weight loss my priority isn’t always easy, but I know it’s worth it. 


I have a few too many projects on my plate right now, with opportunities to take on even more.

Between the 30 Day Journal— which sold out in THREE DAYS! (don’t worry I ordered more so you can still get yours!) And the cookbook– yes I SWEAR it’s really coming soon! In fact here’s a peak, a screen shot from my graphic designer’s computer! Pretty cool, eh?

Cookbook preview

So there’s both of those projects, plus I’m working on a new coaching site where I plan to offer online courses about things like creating healthy meal plans and how to design your own at home workouts which I can’t wait to share it with you! AND I’m working a complete website redesign for I’mperfect Life!

AND, AND, AND…I just got an offer yesterday to go to California to provide nutrition and craft services for a location film shoot! How cool is THAT?  It’s an independent feature film called, The Drama Club.

The only problem is that it’s in a SUPER remote area with NO cell phone coverage/internet, which makes doing my job REALLY HARD since most of it takes place online. Plus, I realized after I spoke to the producer that it conflicts with the CrossFit Competition that I was planning to compete in in September. Ugh!  But how cool would that be?!  Such an awesome experience right? Decisions, decisions.

What would you do?

Speaking of…

The training for the CrossFit comp isn’t exactly going as planned. My hips have been giving me all kinds of shit but I’m really focusing on those issues right now, instead of just complaining about them, which is what I’m best at. Not because I’m a whiner, but because I’m so used to the pain that the only time I think about it is when it’s an issue, like when I’m running, and then I forget about it…except when I’m talking about running…usually in a blog post. I SWEAR, I DO NOT WHINE ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME! HA!

The thing is that it has become my “normal” making it easy to ignore. Ugh. But like I said, I’m really tackling it right now. I have been working on strengthening exercises and am getting weekly Thai massage by the best therapist on the planet (Melinda at Green Heart Wellness here in Concord, NC– if you’re local GO SEE HER!) She is working on my hip flexors, specifically my iliopsoas and some weird muscle in my right glute, both of  which are a complete mess. It hurts so bad when she’s up UNDER my hip bone, but feels SO good when I can MOVE!

My Life…


As for life in general…this what my evenings look like. Well, in this picture, this is what Cooper’s evenings look like.

I sit on the couch and work,while Brett watches TV (that’s the extent of our quality time right now. We need to remedy that, fast!) And Cooper takes my spot any time I get up to get water or go to the bathroom.

How about you?  What’s going on in your world? Tell me in the comments below! Or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or IG!